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Is Thailand in your plans to spend your holidays? The Land of Smiles can be an ideal place to visit briefly to break the monotonous professional routine and get in the celebration mode. Thailand is among the popular travel destinations and friendly visa nations with proximity to many cities in India, especially Kolkata makes it an ideal weekend destination. Indian citizens will need a Thailand tourist visa to enter the country.

The Thailand Visa Application process needs accurate details supported by relevant documentation. We at DM Immigration Consultant in India provide professional assistance in securing Thai tourist visas for Indian hassle-free and within the required timeframe. We are the specialized and certified Thailand visa agents in India with main branches in Mumbai and Bangalore. Count on us for the best results within a set timeframe at competitive rates.

An Overview of Thailand Tourist Visa from India

An Overview of Thailand Tourist Visa from India

Thailand presents tourists with a wide variety of travel experiences. Starting from the capital city of Bangkok, the country is full of vast cultural attractions, exotic beaches, islands, and national parks. It is known for its martial arts, temples, and many tourist spots. The country is inexpensive, offering many amenities on a Thailand tourist visa, including excellent and affordable food and a quality lodging experience. Thai people are warm and welcoming, providing foreign travelers with the best hospitality. There are many places to explore Bangkok, also known as the City of Angels, is the primary urban center in the country. Other big cities in the country are Pattaya, Khon Kaen, Hat Yai, Udon Thani, and Chiang Mai. Taking you from hill tribes, tropical beaches, and fantastic nightlife to the Kingdom of marine life, traveling to Thailand can make you feel like you are in paradise.

Key Features of Thailand Tourist Visa

If you are a tourist visiting Thailand for sightseeing or to spend holidays on the pristine beach, you need a valid Tourist visa for India from Thailand. And you are not supposed to be entitled to work or do any business under a tourist visa, and it’s illegal to do so. Thailand offers a 60-day Tourist visa. If you want to live in Thailand for more than two months visa, you can extend your stay with the Immigration Bureau. You can avail of single entry for a one-time visit and multiple-entry visas. A Multi-Entry Tourist Visa authorises foreign nationals entries to Thailand more than once over a 6-month period. It is granted to people who visit the Asian country for tourism, leisure, or medical purposes. Apply for a visa many days before travel to get approval on time.

If you plan to tour Thailand for a couple of weeks, you can also apply for Visa on Arrival (VoA) at the designated immigration checkpoints. Know the visa on arrival process and the non-refundable visa fee. Plan your trip for the 1st week and second week accordingly.

Thailand provides visa-on-arrival services for many countries, and India is one of them. So, if you are an Indian citizen, you are no longer required to get a visa to visit Thailand from India. You can avail of an online visa service for an arrival visa and get it issued to your email box. Contact us for support and assistance with the visa-on-arrival fee and to ensure the arrival visa is valid.

Types of Thailand Tourist Visas for Indians

Thailand immigration authorities offer Transit, Tourist, and various other Non-Immigrant Visas. Select your category of visa from the below types:

Tourist visa

Indian passport holders who wish to enter the Kingdom of Thailand for tourism, short visit to family living in Thailand, and medical treatment with authorised hospitals are granted a Tourist visa. This visa also allows participants of MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Convention & Exhibitions) backed by TCEB to enter the country.

Transit Visa

This visa category is for transit, sports activities, or crew. You can transit through the Kingdom to go to your destination or to re-enter own country. You can participate in sports activities for less than one month. This visa also works for the individual in charge or crew of a carriage coming to a station, port, or area in Thailand.

Thailand also offers Non-Immigrant visas like Non-Immigrant O for immediate family member like spouse and children below 20 of age (adopted also) parents wishing to stay with a family who is a Thai national. You can also avail 90-day marriage visa. Non-Immigrant ED Thailand visit visa is for study. Non-Immigrant F is for government or diplomatic mission. Non-Immigrant B visas are for business and investment purposes in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Eligibility Criteria for Thailand Visit Visa for Indian

Eligibility Criteria for Thailand Visit Visa for Indian

The minimum eligibility criteria required for Thailand Visit Visa for Indians are listed below:

  • Passport with validity of minimum 6 months
  • Travel document
  • Visa Application form
  • Photo with background color
  • Confirmed return air ticket
  • Passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • A well-completed Arrival-Departure card, which the airline crew will distribute before landing in Thailand
  • Purpose of visit
  • Bank statement with enough amount to bear travel expenses with a minimum balance of 20k Baht per head and 40K for family.
Documents Required for Thailand Tourist Visa for Indians

Documents Required for Thailand Tourist Visa for Indians

The following documents are required for a Thailand tourist visa for Indians:

  • Completed and signed online tourist visa application for Thailand.
  • Copy of your original national passport and photo.
  • Copies of the return ticket and your travel plan in Thailand
  • Cover letter stating the purpose of your visit to Thailand
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months show sufficient balance to bear travel expenses.
  • Contact details (if you plan to stay in a hotel, you need to provide the hotel name and the contact details of the hotel)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Proof of a private accommodation booking or hotel booking
  • Proof of employment, confirmation letter, and NOC letter from employer
  • Proof of payment for processing fees
  • Proof of flights for the return journey
  • Invitation letter from friend or relative if required
  • Marriage Visa
How to Apply for Travel Visa in Thailand?

How to Apply for Travel Visa in Thailand?

You can get in touch with the Royal Thai embassy in Chennai, New Delhi, or Kolkata to apply for this visa.

  • Contact Thailand Embassy or nearby Consulate or registered application center. You can avail services of the registered agent for flawless services.
  • Provide all the necessary documents, including an official passport, and fill out the online visa application form.
  • Pay the visa processing fees.
  • Review and verify the visa application before submission.
  • Within 5 to 10 days, your Thailand Visa will be delivered via email, and you will be ready to fly to the Land of Smiles – Thailand.
Why Choose DM Immigration Consultants in India?

Why Choose DM Immigration Consultants in India?

Thousands have trusted DM Immigration Consultants to fulfill their journey to their dream destination. We are registered travel agents working in liaison with travel agencies. We have a qualified team of authorised immigration and visa consultants who will make your visa application process simple and easier.

The process of getting a tourist visa for Bangkok from India seems easy. Still, if there are any mistakes or incomplete documentation, your application may get rejected or denied by the Thailand Immigration Bureau. So, obtaining professional visa consultation from registered Thai visit visa agents in India is advised to get your visa approval without any major hassles. We have branches across the major cities in India, including Mumbai and Bangalore. We also help in availing Thailand Travel Insurance. We help in application process document arrangement and ensure we stay beside you until the visa stamp in your passport. For Indian residents, we can also apply for an extension visa on your current tourist visa.

Contact us now with your Thailand Tourist Visa from India requirements, and let us help you avail of your Thai visa in 5-10 working days! Our application process is within the required time frames, and the processing times start from the time of submission at the Immigration Office. We help you even after you land at Bangkok Airport and help you with all the formalities at the international airport.


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Frequently Asked Questions on Thailand Tourist Visa

No, As per Thai regulation, a visiting foreigner must carry their passport as proof of identity.
Yes, the tourist visa for Bangkok from India is open after travel restrictions due to Covid-19 in 2020-21. The happening city is called Big Mango by locals. Indians need a valid tourist visa for more than two weeks' trips, and they can opt for a visa on arrival if the travel duration is less than two weeks.
Yes, all Indian passport holders can opt for a visa on arrival for short visits (less than two weeks). It is given if you hold a valid passport and strictly travel for tourism.
The applicant needs personal bank statement of the last 6 months with satisfactory transaction (at least 20,000 Baht per individual and 40,000 8 Baht per family). A Bank Solvency certificate is also valid proof. There can be other documents acceptable showing the required assets.
The general validity is for 60 day Tourist Visa that can be extended for 30 days. Eligible applicants can apply for a special visa to stay in the country for 90 days. After this period expires, immigration officers can renew the holder's passport twice, each for another 90 days at a time.
The tourist visa for single entry costs around INR 2500 plus additional costs for processing if required. This visa is valid for 3 months. The tourist visa for multiple entries is INR 12000 with a validity of 6 months.

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