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DM Consultants, the most reliable consultancy in India with branches in Mumbai and Bangalore, provide top-class visa and immigration services to various countries. We are a team of experts who have assisted thousands of visa approvals worldwide. Our clients trust us and rate our services highly in their reviews. We always work hard to serve our client’s the best in all circumstances. Our main motive is to offer stress-free immigration services through our best immigration consultants in India. We help clients avail migration opportunities in many parts of the world, mainly Canada and Australia.

Our Story

Two young entrepreneurs with a broad vision – Chetan Kumbhar and Vidisha Kumbhar partnered to launch the company in 2015. DM Consultants’ has seen a staggering climb to the top of the ladder in the immigration sector. In less than a decade of our presence in the immigration market, we have built the desired modern infrastructure that addresses the immigration needs of the aspirants without compromising on our principles of transparency, efficiency, and error-free processes at competitive rates.

Today DM is the best immigration consultancy company in the Middle East and India. From a humble beginning in Dubai, DM as a brand has made solid presence in three continents with offices in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Mumbai, Bangalore, Toronto, Doha, Muscat, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia to name a few, besides the main office in Dubai.

We are constantly expanding due to the love and support our clients have bestowed on us through positive reviews, testimonials, and recommendations due to our impeccable services. Our relationship with esteemed clients is based on trust and offering the best immigration consultancy services at affordable rates in a transparent manner. The owners of DM Consultants are Canadian Permanent Residents, and they take a keen interest in every individual case to replicate their success.

About Us DM Consultant India

Why Choose DM Consultants India?

DM is a registered immigration company with the regulatory agencies ICCRC in Canada and Australian MARA. We provide authentic and flawless immigration services to help our customers stay tension free during the application process. We have tailor-made solutions for our clients to address their travel visa requirements. Our licensed immigration agents specialise in counselling and processing various immigration visas, like Skilled Immigration, Business Visa, Work Visa, Visit Visas, Student Visa, and Family Visa. We focus on acquiring a visa for our esteemed client and continuing our relationship with post-landing services and other assistance. Our qualified immigration consultants are fully aware of the various immigration laws and policies of the countries and guide you to get successful approvals within the desired timeframe.

We have handled thousands of clients from different parts of the world with success by helping them to migrate to developed countries of their choice, such as Australia and Canada. Our strong presence across three continents (Asia, North America, and Europe) and the splitting of DM Consultants’ services to Immigration, Citizenship by Investment, and Study Abroad are part of our efforts to offer our clients the best services.

About Us DM Consultant India
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Our Services

DM Immigration Consultants in India offers skilled workers, students, investors, and tourism lovers professional services. These services include:

We provide assistance to seek Permanent Residency in Canada and Australia through various programs. Other services include Work Permits, Visit Visas, Student Visas, Business Visas, and fulfilling our customers other travel requirements:

  • We offer FREE consultancy sessions at the start to explain the entire application process and know your immigration requirements.
  • A FREE evaluation is done through our legal experts to check your eligibility for a particular visa and ensure you don’t waste time and money on the wrong option.
  • We advise you on how to satisfy the eligibility norms depending on your skills and visa requirements.
  • We offer FREE IELTS preparatory sessions and guidance in Educational Credential Assessment.
  • We also assign a dedicated case officer who will give you regular updates about the application status and ensure the immigration and visa application process is smooth.
  • After helping you with visa approval, we continue to serve you. We offer complimentary post-landing services to ensure our clients settle well in a new country.

Our Visa consultants in India have enough knowledge and expertise to turn your dreams into reality. Contact us today to get the right solution to your immigration queries.

Our Services
FREE Consultation

FREE Consultation

Legal Assessment

Legal Assessment

Dedicated Case Officer

Dedicated Case Officer



Post-Landing Services

Post-Landing Services

Our Certified Immigration Consultants in India



Mr. Gurpreet Singh Matta is a Regulated Council of Immigration Consultants agent (RCIC Id: R415351). Mr. Matta is our expert consultant in Canada and Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) member. He has vast experience in Canadian Immigration, family sponsorships, and other areas. His extreme knowledge of changing Canadian Immigration policies and procedures with a thorough grasp of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations helps our clients a great deal. He has the expertise to handle complicated cases and devise a strategy to ease the process and avoid roadblocks. College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) licenses the practice of RCICs and Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIAs) in the public interest.



Riccardo James Patrick Ippoliti is our representative at Australia's Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) level. The MARA Number of our legal practitioner in Australia is 1386990. Through his thorough knowledge of Australian immigration laws, professional experience, and networking, he has ensured good representation of our client's application and provided legal support to solve complex situations. Riccardo has helped many clients to resolve complex situations with his knowledge and expertise in the field.

Why Select Licensed Migration Agent?

Why Select Licensed Migration Agent?

Licensed migration agents follow the Code of Conduct of the concerned Migration Authorities and are constantly under the radar for the quality of immigration services. They abide by professional ethics, are aware of the immigration policies and laws of the specific country, and have the experience to resolve complex immigration procedures. Licensed agents will ensure your application is filled as per required norms. It will help you to:

  • Increase your chances of receiving successful visa approval
  • Gather precious advice on all immigration matters
  • Minimise the errors in the application and guide in arranging the required documentation to avoid delays
  • Receive regular updates on the application process and ensure smooth communication with the concerned immigration authorities
  • Remain abreast with the changes in rules and regulations

We at DM Consultants India offer global immigration and visa services tailored to your needs. If you want to get your immigration, work, business, or tourist visa, contact our expert consultants today!

Get visa consultation services in India for Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, etc.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

DM Immigration has been in the field for nearly a decade and works with experienced consultants with vast experience. We offer FREE consultancy to know your travel requirements and transparently explain the entire process. We help to improve your eligibility after free evaluation. We help with skilled immigration, student visas, and investor visas for Australia, Canada, and other countries. Our services are affordable and offer an end-to-end solution, from visa filing and documentation arrangement to post-landing services. You will receive personalized and excellent customer service to feel at ease during the complex process. Our esteemed customers vouch for our services.
No. It is not mandatory to hire the services of an immigration agent. However, hiring a professional agent to help you process your application faster and easier is recommended. Legit migration agents abide by the Migration Code of Conduct of the concerned authorities and are aware of the immigration laws of the specific country and complex immigration procedures. Registered agents will ensure your application is finished per required norms, lodged appropriately, and valid.
The visa agent manages the application process for travel purposes professionally. They check the candidate's eligibility for the particular visa type, offer valuable advice, do an evaluation, help in document arrangement, and legally represent your case before the immigration authorities to ensure you get successful visa approval without any major hassles.
Lawyers and consultants are licensed and regulated by private governing bodies that are authorised by the government, provincially or federally. The main difference between lawyers and consultants is educational. Lawyers generally are better educated and have a much better understanding of the law than immigration consultants. They have to complete a degree generally for three years after completing related studies. To obtain a license they have to do apprenticeship. In comparison, immigration consultants need a college program of approximately one year. Lawyers as barristers have the authority to appear before the courts, whereas consultants do not.
The consultancy charges depend on the country you want to migrate to through a particular immigration program and your travel requirements. Schedule a FREE consultation today and inform us about your immigration needs. Our team will respond quickly by explaining transparently to you the entire application process, eligibility criteria, immigration fees and consultancy charges, and complementary post-landing services.
Yes. Our consultants will try to know the reasons for the application refusal and decide how to proceed accordingly. Some applications can't be reapplied, while only some need to wait for a specific time before reapplying. If there was no misleading information in the first application, and the grounds for the original application still exist, then a new application can be made and is often successful.
Spouses are partners who are married and have a valid marriage certificate to prove their relationship. Common-law partners or those who live together for at least one year. Conjugal partners are neither married nor live together for long time but are involved in an intimate relationship.
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