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Everyone has a dream of going abroad at some point in their lives – whether it will be for studies, for a job, or for their business. In addition, millions of people dream of a better future and wish for a new start in another nation. Nowadays, more countries are opening their doors to immigrants. If you want to migrate from one nation to another, we, the best immigration consultant in India, will lend our hand to assist you to make your whole immigration process easier & smoother.

With a decade of global presence, and a group of experts with proper certifications, we have assisted more than 10,000 aspires in bringing their dream of settling in top countries into reality. We, the best immigration agency in India offer services for visas and migration for all foreign nations such as – Australia, America, New South Wales, Canada, & more. Our top certified visa consultants in India know the needs and interests of each client and provide the best advice that complies with the migration terms and rules. Moreover, our legal counsel comprises ICCRC Members, MARA agents, and certified legal advisors to serve you in a better way.


Immigration and Visa Consultation Services in India

If you plan to migrate for studies, career enhancement, or to do business? We help in getting a work visa, study visa, immigration, and commercial visa. Getting visa approval can be daunting and time-consuming. By choosing DM, the top visa consultants in India, you can make the approval easier with your right choice for an immigration consultation. Whether you wish to settle or work in Canada or Australia or visit USA, UK, and Schengen countries, we can get the procedure done straightforwardly. Our services include:

Skilled Immigration
Skilled Immigration

Skilled Immigration

If you want skilled migration to Canada or Australia, you can contact DM Consultants, the best immigration company in India. We help skilled workers and their families receive permanent residence through our legit consultants in Canada and Australia. So get in touch with our expert consultants and complete your visa application process by following a few simple steps.

Tourist Visa
Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa

We are the leading Visit Visa consultant in India. Whether for leisure, business, or personal visit, DM Consultants will guide you through obtaining a visit/tourist visa to many countries like Australia, Europe, the UK, the USA, and Canada as your choice. We help you also get quick and hassle-free travel E visas. Whether it is an E1 Visa, EB-2 Visa, or EB-3 Visa for the USA, our team of immigration consultants will get it done for you.

Work Permits
Work Permits

Work Permits

If you want to work abroad, we can shape a perfect career for you in your chosen country. We provide overseas career solutions for applicants who wish to work in Poland, Canada, or the Czech Republic. Our experts will guide you with the migration steps, aid you in getting the work permit without any stress, help you get a work visa, and ensure you have class travel experience.

Go Global with DM Consultants

Go Global with DM Consultants

We are an authorized immigration firm and offer nationwide immigration services. From a humble beginning from Dubai headquarters in 2015, we have established a global presence with consultancy offices in more than 20 cities. DM has two dedicated main offices in India, Mumbai, and Bangalore, to cater to all the needs of the immigration market in the country.

The DM immigration consulting experts have years of combined industry experience. We have experienced, and qualified government approved immigration consultants in India. We work with ICCRC-registered Canadian immigration agents, MARA-certified Australian immigration agents, and authorized immigration consultants in every country we offer our services.

Many countries are opening their doors to immigrants to boost their economies during the pandemic. So, if you want to migrate from India to the destination of your choice, we will lend our hand to assist you in making your whole immigration process more manageable and smoother. With any inquiry, we take the time to understand the client’s immigration requirements and simply the complex immigration process.

Get visa consultation services in India for Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, etc.
FREE Consultation

Why Choose Legit Immigration Agents in India?

The country’s laws regulate a registered immigration consultant. It provides genuine immigration services to save you time and money while dealing with the complex immigration process. They also provide support to avoid legal hassles and constantly communicate with the concerned immigration authorities. In case of visa rejections, they can explain the reason and advise re-application with improvements.

At DM, we provide the best immigration services in India. Our experts possess comprehensive knowledge and awareness of changing immigration laws to guide you in the best way possible. Our excellent customer service makes it easy for the clients you can concentrate on their job and family and leave the complexity of the visa process to us. Our licensed immigration agents will help them to clear every hurdle.

Our expert team of immigrant consultants offers a free consultation, understands the client’s profile, offers free evaluation, arranges documentation, improves profile with IELTS test preparations, assistance in Educational Credential Assessment, visa interview preparations, etc.

Why is DM the Best Immigration consultant in India?

DM Immigration Consultants India is a registered immigration service company with physical offices across many nations in Asia, including India and Canada. We have a strong presence in the Middle East, with a head office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our consultants have a broader reach in countries like Canada, Australia, and Poland to satisfy your travel requirements.

We offer the best immigration services and visa consultancy in India at affordable prices. Our team works hard to ensure your immigration journey is smooth, starting from visa filing and documentation arrangements to help you settle in the new country. We are regarded as the best immigration consultants in India due to following reasons:

  • Our expert immigration consultants are certified by ICCRC and MARA for Canadian and Australian Immigration. We work with registered consultants in every country we offer our services.
  • IELTS test preparation for FREE with qualified trainers and providing easy access to IELTS study materials to enhance your language proficiency.
  • DM has a success 98% ratio in visa approvals with a 4.8 / 5 rating by Google.
  • We offer complimentary post-landing services to help you settle in a new destination. In Canada, we also provide job search assistance.
  • World-renowned universities like Harvard, Cornell University and Yale recognise DM.
  • We are a proud member of the Qatar Airways Official Student Club.
  • We act as a bridge to connect your dreams with your destination of choice! Contact us today to realise your immigration dreams.

Immigration and Visa Roadmap

With 20+ offices across the GCC, India, and Canada, our goal is to offer flawless immigration and visa services to our clients at competitive rates. We grant tailor-made immigration and visa services according to the client’s requirements.

Registration Online

Registration Online

If you plan to migrate to your dream destination for study, work, job, travel, or business purposes. You can contact us today to register through our website and provide your details.

FREE Consultation

FREE Consultation

Our team will respond after you register with us. We will provide a FREE Counseling session to know your requirements and inform you of the process transparently.

Sign Up With Us

Sign Up With Us

DM has a global presence and offers professional services. We have an easy signup process on the website, and you can start our immigration services with a fee payment through our easy payment gateway.



We offer FREE Evaluation to help you choose the suitable visa category based on your requirements. You might be eligible for different visas, and our team’s professional advice enables you to make an intelligent decision.



Our legal experts will help you arrange all the documents to ensure a flawless immigration or visa application. If anything needs to be added, we will guide you on how to get the document within the required...

Application process

Application process

Once we know all the documents have been arranged, we will start your visa application process. We will be assign you a case officer who will regularly communicate with the concerned immigration authorities and update you on...

Pre-landing & Post-landing services

Pre-landing & Post-landing services

Even after successful approval, we don’t stop, and our services continue. We ensure you board a flight safely and that your journey is smooth. We also assist in searching for jobs, accommodation, and registration in the new...

Get Ready to Fly

Get Ready to Fly

Realise your immigration dreams with us and get ready to fly to your dream destination. Start today the application process with DM Immigration Consultants in India to kickstart the immigration journey.


We also help secure comprehensive travel insurance, fulfill other requirements, and inform you if you need a valid visa or if the country is offering visa-free travel for Indian passport holders.


Check Out the Offices Locations

  • Bangalore
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Hyderabad


Brigade Champak 1st floor No.6/2-2(Old Municipal No.20 earlier Municipal No,12), Union Street, Infantry Road. Bangalore – 560001


Office No - 707, B wing, 7th Floor, Kanakia WallStreet,
Andheri Kurla Road, Chakala Junction,
Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400093.


Unit No. 702,703, Narain manzil, Barakhamba Road, Connaught place Outside Barakhamba metro station exit 5



Office No. 3C1 10th Floor Seethakathi
Business Center Complex,
Mount Road, Chennai 600006



SL Jublee complex Road No 36 Plot 1202 & 1215A
3rd floor, Jublee Hills

What Do Our Clients Have to Say?

I contacted many visa consulting agencies regarding visit to United Kingdom and found you to be reliable and certified one. The entire visa application process went smoothly despite the complexity of the process. I am grateful for your expert services. I want to thank the entire team at DM and recommend your services to others.

You the most genuine consultancy in India and I have enjoyed working with you guys. Thanks for your patience and preservance in listening to me and solving my queries professionally.

Nousheen Rashid

Before moving to Canada, I would like to greet DM Consultants in Bangalore with my heartfelt greetings. You guys have been amazing in providing worldclass immigration services. I vouch for your professionalism and flawless services. Migrating to Canada can’t get more easier without their support. They know the whole process and can rectify all the flaws if you are eligible and have the passion in you to live and settle in Canada. They have genuine consultants so you can relax and feel secure while availing their services.

DM is the best!

Rupesh Shah

You guys rock! The way you handled my application process to get approval was amazing. It was a pleasure working with you guys in my aim to migrate to Europe. I want to thank the entire team at DM for your consideration and support in making our immigration process hassle-free. Me and my family owe you a lot. I strongly recommend your services and hope you keep doing the good work. You are the best consultancy firm. Cheers!

Sheba Amin

I am happy to get your guidance to move from India to Canada. I found DM Consultants very professional, knowledgable, and well organised. They have experts in the field and guided me properly with the process and updated me regularly with the progress of the application in Canada express entry program. I am ready to migrate to Canada. I recommend DM, the best immigration company in India for aspirants requiring immigration and visa consultancy services. Thank you for all your great help.

Ashwariya Khanvilkar

I had bad experiences with a few immigration agencies and had lost faith. I wanted a success driven consultant and it came finally in the form of DM consultant. They understood my requirements and accordingly advised me. It was a wonderful experince of getting in touch with DM consultants. They took the burden off my back and did the job most professionally.

If you are planning a move to Canada or Australia they will assist you in a genuine way with IRCC and MARA certified consultants in the best way possible.

Ashwin Ferro

My experience with DM Consultant in Bengalore was awesome. Their consultants assisted me in a professional manner and gave me regular updates on my application process. It was a great decision to chose them as I got services as per my expectations. They are authorised consultants and their genuine services were accorsing to my tight budget . Without their support my immigration dream will have remained unfulfilled. They have a great team and I wish them all the best!

Soniya Khade

I contacted many immigration consultancy services in Mumbai but never got convinced by their services. I knew about the process and was aware about most of the requirements. However, I was struggling to follow legal process and fill in all the minute details. I contacted DM Immigration Consultants in Mumbai and once I had word with their consultant I knew they can heklp me a great deal.

After the process got initiated i saw their professional standards and could relax a bit by banking on their flawless services. All the DM staff are very professional and helpful. I recommend DM Immigration Consultants Mumbai for a safe and successful process.

Abbas Khan

I just finished graduation from Pune and was looking for working opportunities abroad. I wasn’t sure which country to select and how to go about the application process. That’s when I met DM Consultants in Mumbai and they offered me free consultation. After the session, I was pretty clear in my mind which country to pick and how to go about the process.

Today, I am working in a good company and enjoying high living standards and proper life and work balance. I owe this success to DM who works with RCIC Registered consultants to give genuine and authentic services to clients like me.

Salman Surve

Choose the country you wish to migrate

We will help you to get there


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We make the visa process faster, Our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities.

Frequently Asked Questions about Immigration Services in India

DM Immigration Consultant is the best migration service provider in India. With nearly a decade of experience and thousands of successful visa approvals worldwide, we are the top immigration consultants in India that can support securing a positive outcome. We work with registered consultants in many countries and have a ready solution to all your immigration and visa needs.
DM is the most reliable immigration consultant in India. We are the most experienced, reliable, and licensed immigration company working with an expert team of ICCRC and MARA-certified immigration consultants in countries like Canada and Australia. You can check whether the immigration consultant is real or legit through the official websites. You can verify the licensed agent in Canada and their ID number after surfing through the official web portal of ICCRC. Similarly, you can search for registered migration agents on the Australian government portal.
Search for a good immigration consultant online and check their reviews. Select an immigration company and examine its credentials, reputation, and track record. Verify their registration and other details through many official websites. Enquire about their services and fee and if satisfied with their solutions for your queries get a written contract and begin the process.
The charges depend on the services, which vary between consultants. It usually ranges between 50,000 INR to 1,50,000 INR. Some standard services are visa filing, documentation arrangement, and legal support. DM offers a FREE consultation to know your travel requirements, and then if you register with us, we provide a free evaluation to check your eligibility. We transparently tell you whether you are eligible for a particular visa or could become eligible by improving your profile with IELTS Test and ECA. We provide FREE IELTS training to improve scores and assistance in ECA. We also offer complimentary post-landing services and assistance in job search, especially in Canada.
A licensed migration consultant knows the complexity of the immigration process and helps to ease it for you. They assist in the application process, arrangement of documents, due diligence, and smooth communication with the concerned immigration authorities. Our qualified staff assists you, even if your application is rejected or denied. We will help you with new application filing.
DM offers FREE IELTS training sessions to clients in partnership with the British Council through expert IELTS trainers. The applicant can easily pass the test and improve their IELTS score to boost their immigration application. IELTS scores are generally valid for two years. We also assist in getting Education Credential Assessment done from the authorised agencies. ECA is typically valid for five years.
DM Immigration Consultants India does not provide any job guarantee. But we can assist you in searching for a suitable job after landing in your new country, especially Canada.
No, we have a physical presence across the Middle East, Europe and North America. We also have strong connections in the Australian continent. DM Immigration Consultants caters to the immigration demands of Indian citizens through its physical branches in Mumbai and Bengaluru and other cities of India. We also serve NRIs and other country residents in the Middle East through our comprehensive immigration services.

We are certified immigration consultants in Dubai working with ICCRC-registered agents in Canada and MARA-certified agents in Australia. We have two more offices in the UAE in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

We are also present in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait, to meet the immigration demands of the Arab world. We are also spread across Europe, North America and the Australian continent to make our clients global citizens.
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