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Do you want to create a niche Down Under after settling in Australia? Australian migration is fast becoming an attractive option for individuals with immigration plans. The country provides many good opportunities for skilled employment and holistic development due to a strong economy and quality of life.

You can apply under general skilled immigration Australia from India programs to get permanent residence. However, the process of permanent residency can be taxing due to stringent measures by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. If you meet the eligibility criteria here at DM, the best immigration consultants in Bangalore for Australia, we make the process of the first permanent residency visa application under an Australian skilled migration visa simple and result-oriented. DM Australia immigration consultants in Bangalore is recognised as one of the top Australia Immigration Consultants in India.

As certified MARA agents in Mumbai, we provide practical and calculated migration advice to clients. We work with a team of experienced MARA registered agents in Mumbai who remain aware of the updated rules and regulations. Our services are customised, and our clients rate us as the best Australia Immigration Consultants in India.

Australia General Skilled migration Program

Australia offers many permanent visa programs under the Skilled worker visa Australia to attract skilled individuals. These professionals look to permanently migrate to Australia along with their families to fill Australia’s skill shortages. The General Australia skilled immigration program offers points-tested permanent visas, either independent, State / or Territory government / employer-sponsored, or family-sponsored. The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) decides which skilled occupations list can apply for PR through the General Skilled Migration program. Different Skilled Migration Australia options on offer are:

Temporary Work Visa 482

This visa, or visa subclass of 482, comes in the temporary visa category. It lets a designated employer in a state or territory government of Australia sponsor a suitably skilled worker to fill a slot they can't find locally. This visa allows employers to fill gaps in the labour market by bringing in talented workers by skilled migrant visa Australia where employers cannot source an appropriately skilled Australian worker. It authorises individuals to work and live in Australia for 2 or 4 years which can be extended later.

Temporary Graduate Visa 485

This temporary Australia immigration Bangalore visa grants international students permission to live, study and work after finishing their studies. Temporary Graduate Visa, also known as subclass 485, is a permanent residency visa open to international students under the age points 50 who hold an eligible visa, have held a student visa in the last 6 months, and have a recent qualification in a CRICOS-registered course. It is usually valid for up to 18 months following visas first.

Spouse Dependent Visa 820

It lets the spouse or de facto partner of an Australian citizen, Australia PR visa holder, or eligible New Zealand citizen live temporarily in Australia. It is the first step towards securing a permanent Partner visa (subclass 801). This permanent visa also allows overseas workers to live, work and study in Australia while the DHA processes permanent visas. Immigration to Australia from India cost of the partner visa depends on family members and specific circumstances and takes around 4 months to 3 years.

Global Talent Visa 858

It is a permanent Australian PR visa for people with an exceptional record and outstanding achievement internationally recognised in an eligible field. The areas of extraordinary talent for subclass 858, the visa applications, also known as the Distinguished Talent visa, include a sport, the arts, Academia, research, and another profession. You can travel inside and outside of Australia for 5 years and, after 3 years, if eligible, apply for Australian citizenship.

Skilled Independent Visa 189

This skilled migrant visa is for invited workers, eligible New Zealand, Hong Kong, or British National (Overseas) passport holders with the required skills to permanently live and work in Australia. 189 - Skilled Independent visa is for overseas workers under 45 years of age with the qualifications, skills, or expertise to fill the gaps in the labour market with quality talent.

Skilled Nominated Visa 190

190 - A skilled Nominated visa allows nominated skilled workers to work and live as permanent residents in Australia. The candidate should have an already nominated occupation on the SOL for this pointed-tested visa. The skills assessment for the nominated occupation has to be satisfied to get an invitation to apply from a particular Australian region. Eligible dependents, including spouses and children, can be sponsored for permanent Australian residency.

Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa 491

It is also part of skilled Australian visas for foreign passport holders nominated by a state or territory government or territorial government to live and work in the state or territory in regional Australia. Family migration skilled regional visa can be availed of under a Subsequent entrant visa of Skilled Work Regional (Provisional). Subclass 491 visa allows Indian migration for five years. You can apply for PR three to five years after your permit is issued.

About General Skilled Migration Australia

About General Skilled Migration Australia

The general skilled Migration Australia program was created to attract skilled regional migrants who can contribute significantly to the Australian economy and address shortages in skilled occupations in the Australian labour market. The Government of Australia offers different immigration programs to welcome skilled regional migrants who stimulate economic growth with a high workforce participation rate, which creates more jobs. The wealthy and healthy nation Down Under has reformed its immigration policies in recent years and made it easier for skilled foreign migrants to live and work there.

The general skilled migration visa in Australia also helps regional development by providing required skills and labour that otherwise can’t be available locally. It also encourages investment and promotes local spending in the area.

We work with MARA-registered Australia immigration lawyer in India and can help your visa applicants select the right visa category for the Australian PR process. To know more about our skilled visa service, schedule a FREE consultation with our Australia visa consultants in Bangalore.

Important uses of Australia Skilled visa Immigration

Important uses of Australia Skilled visa Immigration

Australia offers advanced healthcare and educational facilities to its residents. Listed are a few of the benefits of a Skilled migrant visa in Australia:

  • Numerous job opportunities
  • Superb amenities and atmosphere on offer for better Quality of Life
  • Multicultural, liberal, and welcoming society
  • Skilled immigration policies are flexible with attractive incentives
  • Access to advanced healthcare and educational facilities
  • Quality infrastructure and hi-tech resources
  • Australian PR and eligibility for citizenship and second passport
  • Contribution to a strong economy
  • Safe and secure atmosphere
Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Immigration from India to Australia

Eligibility Criteria for Skilled Immigration from India to Australia

Skilled foreign workers need to satisfy specific visa eligibility requirements for Immigration from India to Australia:

  • The applicant must be 18-45 years of age
  • Required English language ability
  • Relevant skilled work experience and educational qualifications that are on par with Australian standards.
  • Occupation should be listed in Australia’s SOL or Priority Migration SOL.
  • Willingness to undergo skills, character, and medical assessment by certified authorities in Australia
  • Score a minimum of 65 points out of 100
  • Required trade qualification for business migration

If you want to migrate to Australia from India, you can trust DM Australia PR visa consultants in Bangalore to get the desired results. To know more about eligibility requirements, send us an inquiry today.

Documents Required for Skilled Immigration Australia from India

Documents Required for Skilled Immigration Australia from India

The following documents are necessary for a skilled Immigration to Australia from India:

  • Original passport copy with required travel details
  • Digital photographs
  • Filled application form
  • Proof of sufficient funds to bear travel expenses
  • English language test score
  • Police character certificate and medical examination report
  • List of the family if accompanying and their details
  • Skills assessment of you and your spouse (if required)
  • Nomination from the province for Invitation to Apply
  • Education qualification Australian study is a bonus
  • Your skill should be in the combined list or in-demand list of occupations
Application Process for Skilled Migration from India to Australia

Application Process for Skilled Migration from India to Australia

The application process to avail of skilled visas for Migrate to Australia from India involves the following steps:

  • Gather travel and educational documents, and undergo the IELTS test and skills assessment examination.
  • Choose the appropriate Australian PR category that matches your skills and requirements
  • Select a relevant occupation from the Skilled Occupation List Australia
  • Apply directly to Australia’s PR points-based system
  • Fulfill health, character, and fund requirements and confidently attend the visa interview.
  • Wait for a favourable decision and get ready to fly Down Under.
How Can DM Immigration Consultant Help you Secure Skilled Migration Visa Australia?

How Can DM Immigration Consultant Help you Secure Skilled Migration Visa Australia?

Are you ready to secure a Skilled Migration Visa in Australia from India? If yes, you can contact DM Immigration Consultants for guidance to increase your chance of success in the immigration process. Our MARA-registered Australian immigration consultants in India offer quality assistance for applicants who wish to migrate to Australia.

We help clients in the Australia immigration India visa application process to simplify their journey. We provide FREE consultation, evaluate the applicants’ eligibility, inform them of all the legalities involved, and guide you throughout the application process. Our Australia visa consultants will help you to choose the suitable visa category. Tour expert people know immigration laws and current immigration policies and aid in complete visa processing. We have services of Australian immigration experts who offer professional immigration consultation to increase your migration opportunities, and our genuine services protect you from migration scams. Whether it is about visitor visas or permanent or temporary migration, we understand your visa requirements and accordingly act on them. We have numerous people on board from varied backgrounds and languages to assist you in the manner you know best.

To know the cost of migration and approximate visa application charges for Immigration to Australia from India, contact us today.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Australia's Skilled Migration

DM Immigration Consultants is best for Australian immigration in India. Our clients rate us highly for our services, and with over 25,000 counselling sessions and helping with over 10,000 plus visa approvals, our achievements speak for themselves. We provide genuine and cost-effective services and help in approvals within the required time frame. With an experienced in-house team and MARA-registered immigration consultants who remain aware of all changing Australian immigration rules and procedures, we are among the best immigration consultants in India and the Middle East.
Hiring the services of an immigration agent is not mandatory for Australian Skilled Migration from India. However, the application process can be tedious, and an experienced migration agent can be handy in offering valuable immigration advice and valuable guidance to save your time and money. Search for a licensed immigration agent, perform background checks, and read the reviews before selecting an agent.
The most popular visa category in the General Skilled Migration Program is subclass 189, 190, and 491. Securing a 491 visa means that the principal applicant and their immediate relatives may work, study and live in designated regional areas for up to 5 years and start applying for Australian permanent residency through the 191 visas as soon as the first three years have been successfully completed in Australia. Skilled Independent Visa 189 permits you to apply for permanent residence in Australia without a job offer or employer sponsorship. Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated visa allows nominated skilled workers to work and live in Australia as permanent residents.
Australian Immigration Visas are available in different types, e.g., skilled Visa, Partner Visa, or Business Visa, and each category will have a varied cost. The approximate amount for Australian migration under all types ranges from $8000 to $15000. Investors who want to get PR in Australia can apply for Investor Visa Subclass 891 with a minimum investment of AUD 1.5 million.
Tasmania offers an easy and convenient option to migrate to Australia. It is an excellent place for overseas workers who want to seek Australian PR and then citizenship. There's no occupation ceiling there, so if your occupation is not on the SOL, you can find other options also. Sydney and Melbourne are the most popular cities.
The minimum IELTS score the Australia Department of Home Affairs accepts for immigration is 6. It is a widely accepted English Proficiency test for temporary and permanent residency in Australia. Many Australian professional organisations and accrediting bodies also get IELTS band scores.
Skilled Independent Visa 189 is one visa category that allows you to apply for Australia PR without a job offer or employer sponsorship. The Australian Government provides you with the SOL, Eligibility Assessment, and a Self-Improvement Calculator. A candidate must submit an Expression of Interest in SkillSelect and get indicatory points to score points based on information. An applicant must achieve a minimum of 65 points to be invited to apply for this visa.
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