New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NB PNP)

Are you planning to migrate to New Brunswick, the province in Canada? New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program welcomes you! The NBPNP program is designed to attract graduates, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who is willing to become a resident in New Brunswick. Get started with your Canada PR process through New Brunswick PNP Programs by getting help from the best immigration consultants in India for Canada PR.

What makes New Brunswick, the Best Province in Canada?

Among the top 10 provinces, New Brunswick is the only bilingual province in Canada with about 30% of the population speaking French as their first language. The province is now facing a growing demand for skilled professionals to grow and expand its economic growth. New Brunswick has now turned into a hotspot for industries like mining, forestry, agriculture, manufacturing, and technology. The northern part of the province boasts the largest repository for metals such as zinc and lead. 

By taking active participation in the Canada immigration program, New Brunswick is now welcoming skilled professionals from foreign countries to explore lucrative job opportunities, diverse cultures, and an amazing lifestyle. Applicants who are willing to live, work, and settle in New Brunswick can now make use of the NB PNP Program. If you have been nominated for immigration through the Brunswick program, you can enjoy a quicker process of obtaining Canada permanent residence from India

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New Brunswick PNP Categories

Through an agreement with the Canadian Government, the New Brunswick province offers different Canadian immigration Streams to attract skilled immigrants who are willing to get Canada PR. As an economic immigration program, the Federal province selects and nominates qualified workers to live, work, and settle in New Brunswick.

New Brunswick Express Entry Stream

If you wish to immigrate to New Brunswick and get Canada PR from India quickly, the New Brunswick Express Entry Stream is the right option for you. To get eligible for this, you must need to meet the specific eligibility criteria as formulated by the Canada Express Entry profile system. 

New Brunswick Skilled Workers Stream

This program is for skilled workers who have the relevant education, and work experience to contribute to the growth of New Brunswick’s economy. To be eligible to apply for NB PNP under this stream, you must have a full-time job offer from a Canadian employer. 

New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream

This stream is designed for investors who want to get Canada Permanent Residency status in New Brunswick by establishing their own business in the province. To get eligible for this program, you need to submit your business plan for approval to the Federal of the Province.

Key Features of New Brunswick PNP Program

The NB PNP program is targeted at immigrants who have the required skills, qualifications, and work experience to create a positive impact on the province of New Brunswick. This program allows the Federal Government of New Brunswick to nominate candidates for Canada permanent residence who have the potential to successfully create a brand image for themselves in the province. 

To get eligible for this PNP program, the candidate must meet the eligibility requirements as denoted by the province –i.e., must have a valid job offer from an NB employer, should have a strong intense of living and working in Brunswick permanently and he/she should understand the concept of NB PNP program and do their best to boost the economic growth of the province.

New Brunswick PNP Calculator – Analyze your Score!

As per the New Brunswick immigration rules, the applicant should score a minimum of 67 points on the NB immigration points calculator grid. After getting the minimum points, the candidates will be eligible to submit their files to the Express Entry Pool.

Selection Factor

Education & Training

  • Secondary Education (10 Points) 
  • Post-Secondary (15 Points) 
  • Post-Graduate (18 Points)

Skilled Work Experience 

  • 1-year experience – 2 points
  • 2 years experience – 4 Points 
  • 3 years experience – 6 Points 
  • 4 years experience – 8 Points 
  • 5 years experience – 10 Points

Language Ability (English & French)

  • Advance – 9 Points
  • Intermediate – 7 Points 
  • French – 4 Points


  • 22 to 24 – 5 Points 
  • 25-55 – 10 Points

Connection to New Brunswick 

  • Family in NB – 10 Points
  • Education in NB – 5 Points 
  • Employment in NB –
    • Worked for 1 of the last five years – 10 Points
    • Worked for 2 of the last five years – 15 points
    • Worked for 6 months of the last 5 yrs. – 5 Points

Area of Skills – 15 Points

Points to Score – 67 Points

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New Brunswick PNP Eligibility – Check Yours Now!

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  • Must have completed and validated the Educational Credential Assessment 
  • Should be proficient in English and French 
  • Should have a strong desire to live and work in New Brunswick 
  • The age limit should within 22 to 55 years 
  • Should have enough funds or assets to manage the expenses in Canada

Get Canada PR Easily using the New Brunswick PNP Program

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