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Australia is a great place to live. It offers many employment opportunities in an ideal atmosphere. If you intend to work in Australia for a short term, a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa Australia is one of the key options. It acts as an easy pathway for Australian permanent residence. This type of temporary visa lets a designated Australian employer sponsor a skilled foreign worker to fill a specific vacancy they can’t fill locally.

Applying for an Australian work permit visa for Indians can be complex and time-consuming. You can seek expert guidance in the application process by contacting DM Immigration Consultants. We work with the best MARA-certified immigration consultants in India who can help you through the entire immigration process. Schedule a FREE consultation today with our migration experts to know our simple process for receiving approval for your temporary skill shortage visa subclass 482 in record time.

Overview of Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

Overview of Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

If you want to work temporarily in Australia, you can avail Temporary Australia Work Permit Visa. 482 visa is a temporary visa that authorises the holder to reside in Australia while working for the sponsoring employer on a full-time basis in the nominated position.

A designated employer in Australia can sponsor a skilled foreign national for this visa if they need help finding an Australian citizen or resident suitable for the specific skilled job. The employer must establish that the resident can’t perform the particular role. Employers listed under the approved list of Standard Business Sponsors or Overseas Business Sponsors are only eligible to sponsor a skilled professional. To provide sponsorship for a skilled professional, an employee must file a nomination application with the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA). Employers who are not eligible to become a sponsor should apply for sponsorship first and then file for an employee nomination.

So, for skilled professionals, the first and foremost step of applying for a provisional Australian work visa starts with finding an employer who can sponsor you by complying with all the terms described by the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA). A TSS visa is a provisional visa that can be later converted to a permanent visa.

Features of 482 Visa

Features of 482 Visa

Australia is the preferred destination for migration, as it offers a quality of life and features in the top five countries consistently with the highest Human Development Index. It gives exposure to a multicultural society with advanced healthcare and vibrant lifestyle.

To welcome foreign nationals, DHA provides a better opportunity for skilled professionals to live and work temporarily by offering TSS visa for Indians.

Subclass 482 enables a skilled professional from India to work in Australia in a specific job for up to 4 years as nominated by their sponsor (employer). With the ever-growing economy, Australia has excellent career opportunities for skilled merchants. So, get ready to take the chance by applying for a skilled Australia Work Visa.

Benefits of Subclass 482

Benefits of Subclass 482

The Immigration department in Australia attracts foreign workers annually through the skilled immigration program to address the shortages in the labour market due to the low unemployment rate.

Skilled overseas individuals find many job opportunities in a highly professional environment with impressive wages. The candidate can bring a family and, after availing of permanent residence, their children can get advanced education and training at subsidised rates.

Indian passport holders can get the following benefits After taking advantage of a 482 visa to pr:

  • Work in Australia for a limited time
  • Travel inside and outside of Australia until your visa lasts
  • Get eligible for a permanent residential Australian visa

Australia TSS visa options

The Subclass 482 of Australia Skilled immigration doesn’tdoesn’t require exceptional talents, mandatory invitation, investment, or student visa like other popular skilled visa holders – Skilled Independent Visa, Global Talent Visa earlier called Distinguished Talent Visa, Temporary Graduate visa, and investment visas. These visa conditions are based on a point-based system. Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme is quite similar to 482 visa. Still, this subclass 187 is a permanent work visa that allows skilled workers nominated by their employer in regional Australia to live and work under the care of a territory government agency. To apply for TSS Visa (482), you have the following Australia visa options:

Short-term stream

This type of visa authorises you to work in Australia for a maximum of two years for your sponsored employer. You can get a four-year work permit if it comes under International Trade Obligation. Hong Kong passport holders get permits for up to 5 years. The occupation mentioned in the sponsorship document must be listed on the short-term skilled occupations list (STSOL) for a short-term stream visa.

Medium-term stream

This skilled migration visa stream will permit you to work for maximum four years or up to 5 years in Australia if you are a Hong Kong passport holder. Your specialised occupation is listed on either the medium long-term or Regional Occupation List (ROL). The holder of this TSS visa can travel in and out of Australia while the visa is valid.

Labour agreement stream

It is for skilled foreign workers nominated by designated employers with an effective Australian Labour Agreement. The concerned department represents the government agency. You are eligible to work in Australia for up to 4 years for your sponsor or up to five years if you hold a Hong Kong passport.

Subsequent entrant

The close family members of the principal Australia TSS visa holders can apply for a family visa application (also if on subclass 457 visa previously) to join the primary applicant as subsequent entrants under this visa subclass. With it, you can work, study and live in Australia. You can travel easily in and out of Australia as much as possible while the visa is valid.

This temporary work permit visa under mentioned Australian visa type is granted only to foreigners who plan to visit Australia to work temporarily and can provide economic benefits. You can be eligible for an electronic visa. After successful approval, the applicants must produce a valid passport and visa to enter Australia.

Eligibility Criteria for Temporary Australia Work Permit

Eligibility Criteria for Temporary Australia Work Permit

The primary visa requirement for this temporary Australia work permit from India is to have sponsored occupation of the Australian SOL. The details of employer nomination requirements are as follows:

  • The employee nominations position for a specific occupation by a designated sponsor should be listed on the Australian SOL in relevant occupation lists.
  • Have a sponsor approved by Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) or Overseas Business Sponsor (OBS).
  • Holders of nomination should possess the required skills, training, experience, and educational qualification to perform the job well and add to the economy.
  • Fullfil Skills Assessment criteria
  • Meet the relevant English language proficiency requirements
  • Meet character requirements
  • Should clear medical exams have arrangements for health insurance
  • For the short term, your employer nominated you for a position in the STSOL.
  • For the medium-skilled occupation, your valid nomination for skilled occupation must be in the medium long-term skilled occupation list.
  • As per the effective Labour agreement between the Government of Australia and your sponsor, your occupation must include in the agreement.
Documents Required for Australia Work Permit Visa

Documents Required for Australia Work Permit Visa

Identity documents are required for a temporary work permit visa for Australia from India. The general document list is mentioned below:

  • Copy of original passport with required travel details
  • 2 photos
  • Proof of work experience in-demand occupations and required skills and qualifications details
  • Positive Skill Assessment
  • Required Educational qualifications ranging from Bachelor’s degree to doctoral degree
  • Test results of English language
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Medical report and adequate health insurance
  • Skills assessment of spouse (if accompanying)
  • Completed online visa application form
  • Proof of funds to bear travel expenses and sustain on own
  • Other documents of your spouse and children if applying with your family
Application Process for Australia Subclass 482 Visa

Application Process for Australia Subclass 482 Visa

Cross-check the Australian migration requirements and follow the Australian immigration processes mentioned below for the Australia permit to work temporarily under Subclass 482:

  • Be nominated in an occupation listed on SOL by a designated employer
  • Perform skills assessment
  • Give accurate information
  • Attach all the required documents
  • Details of spouse and dependants accompanying you
  • Apply for the visa online in ImmiAccount
  • Submit application fees
  • Wait for visa approval from the licensing authority

Australian qualifications starting from a bachelor’s qualification, can boost your profile. The required trade qualification can enhance your chances of establishing an Australian business or expanding an existing one.

How Can DM Consultants India Help You Secure Australia TSS Visa?

How Can DM Consultants India Help You Secure Australia TSS Visa?

We at DM Consultants India have a diversified in-house team of expert Australian immigration consultants. Our MARA-registered migration agents will provide a blueprint of how we will work, how much it will cost, and the final results. We have been present in India across all major cities, including Bangalore and Mumbai.

Discuss your requirement for a 482 TSS visa with our migration experts and open your pathway to get Australia PR within six months. Learn about the Australian points-based system through your chosen skilled migration program. We are also proficient in the Australian student visa stream and can enroll you in your educational institution of choice.
We help you throughout the permanent residence process, from application guidance and document arrangement to set up visa interviews and biometrics program appointments, and we provide post-landing services.

Indian citizens with skills and business talent can apply for temporary residency permits, leading to permanent residency permits. The processing time for a TSS visa ranges from 2-5 months and 2-8 months, depending on the visa stream.

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Frequently Asked Questions for TSS Australia Visa

This temporary work visa enables employers to address gaps in the labour market by inviting skilled foreign workers where employers need help finding an appropriate skilled Australian worker.
An applicant can stay for up to 2 years on a 482 visa or up to 4 years if International Trade Obligation is applicable.
There are various eligibility requirements for a Subclass 482 visa. An authorised employer must nominate you in Australia. You must work for the employer in a specific occupation in the SOL. You require a minimum of two years of relevant work experience in a similar field. The candidate also should possess the specific skills, academic qualifications, and clear background to perform the job. A positive skills assessment may also be required depending on the stream and other conditions. The candidate’s employer must become the standard business sponsor and nominate the candidate for the position. The applicant can later process the 482 Visa.
The processing time for a TSS visa subclass 482 varies according to stream and your application's accuracy. Provide all the relevant documentation per Department of Home Affairs instructions for the short-term visa. 75% of applications are processed within 35 days, and 90% are processed in 3 months. In Medium-term Stream, 75% of applications are processed in 37 Days and 90% in 77 Days. For the Labour Agreement Stream, 75% of applications are processed in 79 Days and 90% in 5 Months.
Australian government bridges gaps in the labour market by inviting outside skilled workers through 482 visa. Employers who are not able to fill a particular position locally can take advantage from this program by searching suitably skilled workers. On this visa, you can reside in Australia for 2-4 years, according to the stream. It offers the following benefits: • Work, live, and study in Australia for a limited time • Travel inside and outside of Australia until the visa validity • Become eligible for permanent residency application
You can renew a 482 visa as many times as you are eligible, according to Australian immigration authorities.
An employer with a business registration and legal operating business can be an approved sponsor. He should have a genuine job vacancy found on the skilled occupation list (SOL) to get eligible to sponsor a candidate for a 482 visa and meet training, contract, and salary requirements. Comply with the law and has taken conscious efforts to fill the positions with an Australian citizen or PR holder, such as by placing adverts to fill the role.
Yes. 482 visa application directed to the Department of Home Affairs needs a skills assessment if your country of passport is listed under your occupation. The skills assessment outcome shows whether you possess the key skills and experience to work in Australia in your nominated occupation.
The following in Australia are in demand and usually on the Skilled Occupations List. • Health Care and Social Assistance (Nurses) • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services • Educational experts and trainers • Construction and electric experts • IT specialists and Software programmers You can verify your eligibility with us for Australian in-demand occupations and get assistance in carrying out the skill assessment.
TSS visa holders can include their spouse, legal partner, and dependent children as secondary applicants. The candidate can later renew the visa many times.
A temporary work visa (Subclass 482) doesn’t allow job changes like the Employer Nomination Scheme visa (Subclass 186). Since Subclass 482 is temporary, like 186, the DHA has strict rules and regulations over foreigners terminating their employment contract. Therefore, quitting the job may not be easy if you wish to maintain your visa validity.
The 482 visa applicants must demonstrate the required English language skills. IELTS is a famous English test worldwide, and an overall test score of 5.0 with a score of a minimum of 4.5 in each Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking can be enough to qualify. The standard score is 6 in each factor. DM Consultants offers FREE IELTS preparatory sessions to help you increase your band score.
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