Australia Temporary Work Visa 482

Are you looking to migrate to Australia to work temporarily? Great decision! For many people, Australia is the preferred choice for migration, as it comes with a high standard of living and a healthy lifestyle. To welcome foreign nationals, Australian Immigration Department provides a better opportunity for skilled professionals to live, and work in the country temporarily by offering Temporary work visas for Indians. If you are a skilled professional looking to work in Australia for a short term, you need to get your Temporary Work Visa 482, i.e., 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa

With the ever-growing economy, Australia has a pool of requirements for skilled tradesmen. So, be ready to make the most of this opportunity by applying for Australia Skilled Worker Visa. You can get help from DM Immigration Consultants, the best top Australia immigration consultants, and MARA registered agents in India to apply for TSS 482 visa.

Key Features of Temporary Skilled Worker Visa Australia

Australia Temporary Skill Shortage Visa enables a skilled professional from India to work in Australia in a specific job for up to 4 years as nominated by their sponsor (employer). 

An employer can sponsor a skilled foreign national for this temporary work visa 482 in case they can’t find an Australian citizen to perform the skilled job. Employers listed under the approved list of Standard Business Sponsors or Overseas Business Sponsors are only eligible to sponsor a skilled professional. If you’re an approved sponsor & wish to provide sponsorship for a skilled professional, you need to apply for an employee nomination with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Employers who are not eligible to become a sponsor should apply for sponsorship first and then file for an employee nomination. 

So, for skilled professionals, the first and foremost step of applying for a TSS 482 visa starts with finding an employer who can sponsor you by complying with all the terms described by the Department of Immigration, Australia.

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Different Streams of TSS 482 Visa

Short-Term Stream

The applicant should have at least 2-4 years of experience in performing jobs listed in the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

Labor Agreement Stream

Should have a work experience of 4 years as per the labor agreement.

Medium-Term Stream

The applicant should have a work experience of up to 4 years in any of the jobs listed in the Medium- and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)

Temporary Work Visa Australia Requirements

Before proceeding with the application for TSS 482 visa, you need to be aware of the temporary work visa Australia requirements. We, the Australian Immigration Agents in India, have provided the complete checklist of the eligibility criteria to be complied by the skilled professional to apply for a Temporary work visa to Australia from India.

  • Have a sponsor approved by Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) or Overseas Business Sponsor (OBS).
  • Should have relevant work experience in skilled jobs that have been nominated by the Australian Government.
  • Must have a high proficiency level in language requirements
  • Should have undergone proper training to work in the nominated occupation
  • Should have a medical insurance

Fee for Applying Australia Temporary Work Visa

The fee for applying Australia Temporary Work Visa depends on the stream you choose. So, it’s advisable to contact our experienced Australian immigration agents in India to get a Free Quote. Our MARA registered agents will provide you with a clear blueprint on how we will work, how much it will cost, and the final results. 

How DM Immigration Consultant in India Can Help You? 

We, the most trusted Australia immigration consultant in India specializes in offering work visa for Australia, tourist visa, work permit, and Australia PR services. With a team of MARA-certified experts and qualified legal advisors, we have made our presence in India across all major cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Pune, 

Discuss with us regarding your requirement for a 482 temporary skill shortage visa and let us find the right solution to get your TSS 482 visa and open your pathway to get Australia PR within six months. 

Frequently Asked Questions on TSS 482 Visa

Visa holders of subclass 457 and 482 are now eligible for Australia PR from India, regardless of the stream they choose.

Yes, if your visa has been issued under the occupations nominated on the MLTSSL, the visa holder can renew the visa for further four years before its expiry or proceed with the application of Australia PR. And in case, if your visa has been issued under STSOL, the visa holder needs to reapply for the visa every two years. To get more info on this, contact the Australia visa consultants in India.

Yes, you can apply! There is no age limit to apply for Australia Temporary Skill Shortage Visa.

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