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Canada has an outstanding reputation for its diversity and economic growth. Interestingly, the country continues to welcome skilled immigrants who will utilize their experience in growing the economy.
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    Canada holds an outstanding reputation as one of the fasting developing countries in the world. It is specifically known for its exceptional economic growth, top of the line living standards and endless opportunities that make it possible for its citizens to experience growth in all aspects of life. This beautiful country welcomes skilled workers from all around the world, and offers a range of facilities in exchange of their skills and services.

    Get settled in this beautiful country and acquire Canada immigration from Pune with the help of the best Canadian immigration consultants in India. The team of experts at DM Consultants is here to offer expert visa consultations and solutions for your Canada immigration. If you truly wish to enjoy a smooth and stress-free experience of migration to Canada, then get in touch with DM Consultants – the top Canada immigration agents in Pune – right now!

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    Our Canada immigration consultants in Pune are both experienced and highly skilled in their field and are renowned for their impressive portfolio and expert Canada immigration services in Pune. We have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that our esteemed clients acquire the most comprehensive and customized solution and visa consultation services for their smooth relocation to Canada.

    What truly sets us apart is the fact that we possess extensive knowledge pertaining to the rules, policies, laws and visa regulations of Canada. This knowledge is vital to ensure a smooth sailing journey for our clients, and it is exactly what gives us the competency to deliver exceptional Canada immigration from Pune consultancy services, and handle our clients’ Canada immigration visa procedure expertly and professionally.


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    Programs Offered for Those Interested in Migrating to Canada

    The Government of Canada offers three programs for skilled workers who wish to migrate. These include:
    1. Federal Express Entry
    2. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)
    3. Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

    Receive Complete Assistance For Your Immigration To Canada From Pune

    Right from carrying out a detailed profile assessment to filing your documents, handling the process and getting your visa approval for Canada immigration from Pune, our team of experts is here to handle it all and more for you. Our number one priority is to ascertain that your immigration goals come to life, and we will go the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy a hassle-free experience while at it.

    Federal Express Entry

    This program is focused on inviting skilled workers who have the required skillset, experience or occupation to migrate to Canada as a permanent resident. It is divided into three different categories, including Canadian Experience Class, Federal skilled worker and Federal skilled trade.

    How Does the Program Work?

    Once an expression of interest is filed, your profile will be assigned a score by the system. This is known as the CRS score, and is based on your education, language ability, and skills.

    Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

    Canada offers multiple PNP programs for skilled migration programs under the supervision of the provincial government. A few of these include the Ontario Provincial nomination program, British Columbia PNP program, Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program, Prince Edward Island, among others.

    Although the CRS score required for this program is not as high as that of the Federal Express Entry, it is vital for applicants to possess the right occupation, education, and language proficiency.

    Quebec Skilled Worker Program

    This program is specifically offered by the Quebec Government under its provincial nomination program. Under it, interested applicants must acquire a selection certificate from the province. The selected candidates can then apply for a permanent resident visa through the IRCC.

    Requirements of the Federal Express Entry and PNP Programs in Canada

    All applicants of the PNP and Federal Express Entry Programs must fulfill these requirements:

    – A minimum of 1-year working experience in the last 10 years
    – A job position under the over 347 listed NOC occupation.
    – The minimum score required for the chosen category
    – An English language test certificate
    – Sufficient travel funds
    – A clear criminal record
    – Other criteria depending on the PNP or express entry category

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    At DM Consultants, we provide the best and a comprehensive range of Canada immigration services in Pune to help you with the smooth and easy skilled immigration to Canada from India.

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