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Are you considering migrating to Prince Edward Island, one of the most promising provinces in Canada? Good luck! Prince Edward Island (PEI) welcomes thousands of migrants from different countries by providing a good community for investors to start their businesses, and rewarding career opportunities for skilled professionals to find suitable jobs. Joining hands with the Canadian Government, the Province of PEI has its immigration program called, Prince Edward Provincial Nominee Program which attracts immigrants who are willing to take Canada PR and settle in Prince Edward Island permanently. If you are thinking to get Canada PR by enrolling yourself in the PEI PNP program, contact DM Immigration Consultant in India. We, the team of ICCRC registered Canadian Immigration Consultants in India are here to support you to get Canada PR in less than 6 months.

Why Choose Prince Edward Island?

Why Choose Prince Edward Island?

Prince Edward Island, the family-like community has earned a great reputation as the best place to do business in Canada. If you would like to be a part of this community, you can enjoy:

  • A cost-effective living and a profitable business-friendly environment
  • A pool of job opportunities for skilled professionals
  • Strategic infrastructure with better schools, residential communities, and hospital facilities
  • Nearby access to major cities
  • Standard of living that is second to none

Enroll yourself in PEI Provincial Nominee Program and get started on the application of Canada PR. Contact DM Immigration Consultant, the immigration agency in India for your Canadian Immigration & Visa Consultancy services.

Key Features of Prince Edward Island PNP

In partnership with the Federal Government of Canada, the Office of Immigration administers PEI PNP Program. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is to nominate immigrants to IRCC for the issuance of Canada PR. The PNP Program nominates the one who has the required skills to fill the demand of the labor market and meet the economic requirements of the province. Below are some of the key features of the PEI PNP Program:

  • You can apply for PEI PNP as a skilled professional from outside the country if you have a valid job offer from the employer of PE Island.
  • Having a valid Express Entry profile can allow you to get nominated and expedite your PR process on a priority basis.
  • Compared to the norms of other provinces, PEI PNP is the easiest provincial nominee program to apply for.
  • PEI PNP doesn’t require any tertiary qualifications such as Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program or Business Start-Up and Entrepreneurship.

Prince Edward Island Skilled Workers Stream

The Prince Edward Island PNP includes different streams for individuals and families who are interested to relocate to PEI, the province of Canada. The provincial nominee program PEI categories are as follows:

  • Express Entry Stream
  • Labor Impact Stream 
  • Business Impact Stream

Express Entry Stream

This stream considers candidates who are already listed in the pool of Express Entry profiles for a provincial nomination. The candidates who have a valid Express Entry profile receive 600 points to the Comprehensive Ranking System increase their CRS Score & effectively guarantee the receipt of Invitation to Apply (ITA) for a Canada Permanent Residence.

Labor Impact Stream

This stream is for individuals who wish to work and live in Prince Edward province under a Canadian Employer. If you possess certain skills, education, qualification, and experience, as required by the local labor market, you are eligible to enroll in PEI PNP Program. This provincial nominee program is categorized into the following two streams:

  • Skilled Worker Stream This category is for candidates who have a valid job offer from a Canadian Employer. To get eligible for this, candidates should have enough knowledge, skills, and experience including post-graduate education, and training to perform relevant job duties.
  • Critical Worker Stream This stream is for workers who are semi-skilled or unskilled workers in performing their duties in the most-demanding jobs. To get eligible for this PNP program, the candidate must be either working currently for a PEI employer or a PEI employer should be ready to sponsor the worker for the application of Canada permanent residency. A few examples of the job listed under this category include – general labor, housekeeping, truck driving, and food delivery service.

Business Impact Stream

This Australia Skilled Migration program attracts immigrants who are willing to establish their business presence in the province. The program opens an opportunity for newcomers to brand themselves as an entrepreneur and create new job opportunities for local Canadians, as well as for migrated skilled professionals.

How to get Qualified to Apply for PEI PNP Programs?

The eligibility criteria for applying PEI PNP Program varies based on the stream you choose. We, the Canada PR Consultant in India, advise the eligibility criteria required to comply while applying for PEI PNP Programs. 

Express Entry Stream 

  • Candidates should have a valid Express Entry profile 
  • Should have an interest in working and living in the province of Prince Edward Island
  • Candidates should possess the skills to match the demands of the labor market 

Labor Impact Stream 

  • Skilled Worker Stream

    Must have a valid offer from an employer in Prince Edward Island, or they should be currently employed under the province of a PEI Employer.

  • Critical Worker Stream 

    The employer should be ready to sponsor the candidate’s Permanent Residence in the PEI province.

Business Impact

  • Applicants should be ready to invest in Prince Edward Island 
  • Should have a proper work permit

How to Apply for Prince Edward Provincial Nominee Programs?

If you comply with all the eligibility terms, as prescribed by the Federal Government & the Office of Immigration, get started with the next process of applying for the PEI PNP Program. To apply for a PEI PNP program, kindly follow the below steps: 

  • Contact DM Immigration Consultant, the ICCRC-registered immigration agency in India
  • Our Canada PR consultants will provide a Free Assessment to test your eligibility for PEI PNP Program & support you with proper guidance in preparing the paperwork. 
  • We will submit your Expression of Interest on behalf of you with the province of Prince Edward Island. And if you get nominated by the province, you will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) to proceed with your Canada PR. 
  • Our visa consultants in India will guide you in preparing the documents for the Canada PR application and submit your application to the Federal Government of Canada. 
  •   Your Canada PR will get approved within 5 to 6 months, and you will be ready to fly immediately, right after the issuance of Canada PR.

How DM Immigration Consultant in India can Help You?

DM Immigration Consultant, the team of ICCRC-Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants in India, assists you by providing the right support to get your Canada PR done via Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. 

Interested in migrating to Prince Edward Island via PEI Provincial Nominee Program Contact our team of immigration experts today! We will assist you in getting the Canada PR in as little as six months.

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