British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program

Canada opens its door to welcome over 1.3 million new immigrants by providing the best opportunities for skilled professionals, businessmen, and entrepreneurs to live, work, and settle in Canada. If you want to migrate to Canada from India and bring your family along, then you can get started now to apply for Canada PR under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee program.

What is British Columbia Immigrant Nominee Program?

The British Columbia Immigrant Nominee Program is the economic immigration tool for bringing skilled and qualified immigrants from foreign countries to the BC Province in Canada. This PNP program laid a pathway to provide Canada Permanent Residence for in-demand workers, and entrepreneurs, so they can live, work, and settle in B.C. along with their families. 

The BC PNP program is regulated by the bodies of ICRC (Immigration Refugees, and Citizenship Canada), and the Federal Immigration Department. Candidates who are willing to apply for C anada PR from India via BC PNP are required to follow a two-stage process and which includes: 

  • Firstly, the candidates need to contact the BC Provincial Government with an application letter for nomination or an Expression of Interest to apply for the BC PNP program. 
  • If the provincial government approves the nomination, then they must need to apply for Canada Permanent Residence with the Federal Immigration Government. 

BC PNP Streams – Select Your Preferred Category

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program comes with 3 different streams to attract immigrants from different areas to fulfill the labor shortages and boost the economic growth of the province. If you wish to immigrate to BC from India, you have three options or PNP streams to choose from and it includes: 

  • Skilled Immigration Stream
  • Express Entry British Columbia Stream
  • Entrepreneur Immigration

Skilled Immigration Stream

BC Skilled Immigration focuses on highly-skilled professionals from overseas who can contribute to a productive workforce in the BC province. Those who are eligible to apply PR through this stream include – in-demand workers like nurses, physicians, psychiatric specialists, or any related health professionals. This program also welcomes postgraduates, international graduates, entry-level workers, or semi-skilled professionals. To proceed with the skilled immigration stream, the applicants should work in the province or should have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. It is to be noted that no job offer is required if you’re applying for BC Province under the postgraduates or international graduate category. 

Express Entry British Columbia Stream

This BC PNP program works together with the Federal Government’s Canada Express Entry Profile system. That means it allows the applicants with Express Entry to Canada from India to process their PNP application on a priority basis. And if the nomination is approved by the province, the applicants can proceed with their Canada Permanent Residence application. To be eligible for this, the applicant must have a valid profile with the Canada Express Entry System, should have a job seeker validation code from the Express Entry, and also a valid employment letter. 

Entrepreneur Immigration Stream

If you wish to immigrate to British Columbia as an entrepreneur to start or buy a new business, then you can enroll on Canada PR through this BC PNP program. The Entrepreneur Immigration stream is also further divided into 3 options – Base Category, Regional Pilot, and Strategic Projects. The Base Category for – Senior business owners and investors who intend to invest the funds by starting a new business in Columbia. And the Regional Pilot is for foreign entrepreneurs who are looking to establish a new business in B.C. Under the Strategic Projects, companies can set up their operation in British Columbia and they can nominate up to five key people from their organization for getting permanent residence in the province. To get an entrepreneur visa in Canada from India, you can book a free consultation with our experienced Canada PR Visa Consultants in India .

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program – Application Procedure

  • Choose the stream that is right for you by analyzing your current situation Make sure to Test your Eligibility before applying. 
  • Submit the nomination letter through the British Provincial Nominee Program portal. 
  • Validate your nomination letter by providing all the required documents.
  • Get approval from BC Province. 
  • After getting nominated by the BC Province, apply for Canada Permanent Residence by applying to IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

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