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Do you want to seek permanent residence in a specific province or territory in Canada? PNP Entry Canada is an easy pathway for permanent residence if you meet the minimum requirements of the province or territory and secure nomination. Canadian provincial nomination programs attract highly skilled foreign workers to a particular province or territory to address its economic demographic and labour market needs.

DM, the best Canadian immigration consultants in India, can help you to simplify the complex application process and make your immigration journey hassle-free. Our ICCRC-certified immigration consultants in India have ready solutions for your immigration queries and will help you to clear legal hurdles. Schedule a FREE consultation today with our qualified team to learn more details about different PNP programs in Canada and select the best suitable option for you.

Choose your preferred PNP Program in Canada

Each province in Canada, apart from Quebec and Nunavut in Nothern Canada, operates several PNP streams. There are more than 80 PNP programs active in Canada. The general targets are students, business people, skilled and semi-skilled workers, primarily biological technologists, civil engineering technologists, etc. The eight provinces, including Atlantic provinces offering a pathway for PR through PNP, are as under:

Alberta PNP

This province in Western Canada conducts six immigration streams categorised into three, each among skilled workers and entrepreneur stream to avail of Canada PR.

Manitoba PNP

This province in central Canada offers around 3 MPNP streams, with separate pathways to migrate to the Manitoba province and secure Canada PR.

New Brunswick PNP

The Government of New Brunswick nominates individuals under various streams with the considerable ability to become economically established in this Atlantic region.

British Columbia PNP

This westernmost province in Canada operates various streams for overseas workers, international students, and entrepreneurs to address its domestic labour market needs and economic development.

Nova Scotia PNP

The Atlantic province offers many PNP streams for experienced professionals, skilled workers, and international graduates who plan to settle in Canada's smallest area.

Ontario PNP

Foreign workers, international graduates, and others with the required skills, experience, and education apply to the central Canadian province for a nomination under PNP streams.

Saskatchewan PNP

The Saskatchewan PNP programs allow the Western Canadian province to nominate individuals under International Skilled Worker, Saskatchewan Experience, and Business Immigration.

Prince Edward Island PNP

The Atlantic province gives priority to experienced entrepreneurs and individuals qualified to work in specific fields with identified skill shortages in the domestic labour market.

Overview of Provincial Nomination Program Canada

Overview of Provincial Nomination Program Canada

The provincial governments operate the program in coordination with the Canadian Federal government. You can apply for Provincial Nominee Program through the PNP Canada Express Entry or Non-Express Entry process. The province will shortlist a successful PNP applicant from the express entry pool or respond to an Expression of Interest to nominate for Canada permanent residency application with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It is the most straightforward pathway for Canadian immigration from India.

This program is for overseas workers who have the required skills, educational qualifications, and relevant work experience to add to the economic growth of a specific province or territory. The applicants should show commitment to living in that particular province and want to become permanent residents of Canada.

Recent IRCC data shows that 19,160 invitations to apply went to candidates in the PNP streams in 2022. The total number of ITAs granted was 37,315, meaning 51% of ITAs in 2022 went to PNP candidates.

Apply for a Canada PR from India through your chosen PNP stream

Apply for a Canada PR from India through your chosen PNP stream

Features of PNP Entry Canada

Features of PNP Entry Canada

Canada offers a higher quality of life, career growth, and work-life balance to attract skilled workers globally to address shortages in the labour market and boost its already robust economic growth. It offers an advanced healthcare system, quality educational facilities, safety, and security through various immigration programs, especially economic immigration programs.

Immigrants have made up the more significant share of the population in Canada in over 150 years. According to Statistics Canada’s population projections, immigrants could represent 29.1% to 34.0% of the population of Canada by 2041.

Numerous sectors like information and technology, communication, health, and other science and engineering-related fields are always in demand that Indian residents can target for permanent residence applications in Canada. So, if you possess the required skills that match the needs of the Canadian labour market and add to its economy, you can avail of the Canada PNP Entry  process from India and secure a PR. You can apply online through an electronic application or follow a regular application process via paper-based applications.

Benefits of the Canada Provincial Nomination Program

Benefits of the Canada Provincial Nomination Program

Canada has equal distribution of immigration programs depending on language ability and how you perform in the assessment process. PNP Express Entry offers enhanced nominations for qualified Express Entry Skilled Worker. The nomination process involves filling out an assessment form of territory for nomination and selecting from the assessment grid. The benefits of availing of the provincial immigration program are:

  • PNP is one of the popular Canadian immigration pathways to get a Canada PR Visa by getting a nomination from a specific province
  • Various job and career growth opportunities, as the provincial nomination is made when the need for a specific profile is in-demand in that specific region.
  • Priority PR processing within six months, like Canada Express Entry, after you earn the nomination.
  • Options to apply through the Express Entry or non-Express Entry stream. Some PNP streams linked through the central Express Entry system have no job offer requirement.
  • After getting PR, you can become eligible for Canadian citizenship and avail of subsidised government schemes for education, healthcare, and social benefits.
Eligibility Criteria for PNP Program Canada from India

Eligibility Criteria for PNP Program Canada from India

The eligibility requirements vary from province to province according to immigration programs and eligibility criteria set by a specific province in various streams. For example, age and annual earnings requirements for British Columbia PNP vary from that of Ontario or Saskatchewan PNP programs. The general criteria for qualifications are:

  • Required skills, permanent full-time job offer, and in-demand occupations
  • Canadian work experience or relevant international experience
  • Required educational level in Canada or foreign education satisfying Canadian education standards
  • Strong language skills
  • Meet minimum scores or cut-off scores on the points-based system of the Express Entry process
  • Ability to add to the economy of a specific province or territory
  • Commitment to living permanently in the province
  • Sufficient settlement funds
  • No severe health problems and criminal record
Documents Required to Proceed with PNP Canada Application

Documents Required to Proceed with PNP Canada Application

If you satisfy the eligibility factors, you need to provide proof of eligibility by submitting the following essential documents required for Express Entry-aligned PNP and non-express entry process:

  • Original passport copy having relevant travel details
  • Proof of education and skill set documents verified by authorised bodies
  • Basic Nomination certificate through non-Express Entry PNP stream or enhanced nomination through express entry
  • Should produce language skills proficiency report to show skills in the official language
  • Positive medical exam report
  • Character certificate from Police
  • Financial documents, including proof of settlement funds

Application Process for Canadian Immigration through PNP

Non-Express Entry process

Canada PNP without Express Entry uses the non-Express Entry stream for PR applications.

  • A candidate must meet the eligibility requirements of the province that nominates you.
  • After nomination, you can apply for permanent residence online.
  • You must get a medical exam and police check certificate and sufficient funds.
  • Application processing times are longer than through the Express Entry Provincial Nominee Programs.

Express Entry process

Canada Express Entry PNP has two ways to apply:

  • Contact your chosen province or territory to apply for a nomination certificate under an Express Entry stream.
  • The provincial government will check profile details and put you among eligible candidates, and if you emerge as a strong candidate, select you among a pool of candidates.
  • If nominated, create or update an Express Entry profile to show you have been nominated.


  • Create an Express Entry profile and choose the provinces and territories you are interested in for immigration.
  • If a province or territory in Canada sends a “notification of interest” to your account, contact them directly and apply to their Express Entry stream.
  • If nominated, the province or territory will send a nomination certificate to your account, which you can accept electronically.
  • In both cases, an applicant must
  • Satisfy the eligibility requirements of the province or territory and
  • Share your Express Entry profile to show that you meet the minimum criteria, including your eligibility for one of the immigration programs.
If you are invited to apply (ITA), you submit an electronic resident application to the IRCC website, formerly known as Canadian Citizenship and Immigration (CIC). Select the mode of application for submitting the application form and pay the application fees. Successful applicants can turn temporary status into permanent resident status through Provincial Nomination and become eligible to become Canadian citizens.
How Can DM Help you in Availing of Canada PR through PNP programs?

How Can DM Help you in Availing of Canada PR through PNP programs?

DM Immigration Consultants India is an authorised Canadian immigration consultancy that has licensed immigration consultant partners on board. We can help you with immigration selection and migration to Canada through major immigration program Sub-streams. Canada provides autonomy in immigration cases, and we assist qualified applicants in fulfilling selection criteria. Our professional setup ensures our client is counted as a priority applicant and the process is completed within the given timeframe.

We help the primary applicant apply through online or paper application and incorporate family members, including a dependent child, spouse, or common-law partner, in the initial application. We help International students get desired degree category in PNP streams. Under the Canadian government’s guidance, provincial governments award nominees in demand categories and can demand additional requirements. We also help secure study permit and valid work permit, including postgraduate work permit. DM also assists business applicants in business immigration through a dedicated immigration program.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Canada PNP

Canadian provinces and territories (PTs) shortlist skilled professionals interested in settling in a specific province under the provincial nominee programs. These PTs nominate individuals for Canada PR application who can contribute to that province/territory's economic development and address gaps in the labour market.
Provinces and territories in Canada that operate a Provincial Nominee Program can nominate candidates through the Express Entry pool and nominate foreign nationals to the existing paper-based process. You need to fulfill eligibility criteria and score the minimum required points.
Express Entry is the main process created by the Canadian Federal Government for applications of permanent residence. PNP programs are operated by specific provinces in association with the central government, which form the most accessible pathways to seek Canada PR. Express Entry fast-tracks applications within 6 months but follows a stringent process with a high Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score requirement. Canada PNP streams focus on the region’s skills and experience in-demand occupations before granting a nomination letter, increasing the CRS score. PNP applications can be made through the Express and non-express entry processes.
Canadian provinces participating in PNP programs look for overseas workers with the required skills and qualifications to boost economic growth and show a willingness to settle in that province. The basic requirements are: • Valid job offer from a registered employer in the province • Educational qualifications matching Canadian standards • Required work experience in-demand occupations listed under the Canadian National Occupational Classification (NOC) based on the training, education, experience, and responsibilities (TEER). • Language ability in English or French • Adaptability to provincial life • Close relatives in that province can add to CRS points
Candidates must first have the required skills, work experience, educational credentials, and language ability to enter the Express Entry pool and seek nomination by a Canadian province or territory. Also, applicants can apply for provincial nomination before completing an online Express Entry profile. Candidates in the Express Entry pool who get nominations from a province are awarded 600 CRS points out of 1,200. When these additional points are linked to a candidate's human capital and skills transferability points, the chance of getting ITA for permanent residence increases multifold at a subsequent draw from the Express Entry pool.
No. IRCC must be convinced that a candidate nominated by the province meets health and security requirements. They verify the authenticity of documents – before issuing a Visa to Canadian Immigration. An application under the PNP is submitted to the appropriate provincial government office before an online application to a Federal Canada Immigration authority.
A candidate typically requires a minimum CRS score of 67 out of 100 to enter the Canadian Express Entry pool. Language ability helps you improve your CRS score. Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 is the minimum requirement, equivalent to IELTS band 6 in all four abilities (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing). DM Immigration Consultants offers FREE IELTS training to help you improve your score in partnership with the British Council.
The usual processing time for a Canada PR application submitted through PNP Express Entry is 6 months after getting a provincial nomination. A paper-based application is usually processed in 18 months.
Yes! You can use the Express Entry profile to submit a Canada PR application and apply directly to a PNP stream simultaneously.
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