An Overview of Canada Provincial Nominee Program

Are you looking to relocate to Canada to live and work? The Canadian Provincial Nominee is an easy way to make you live, work, and settle in Canada without any hassles. The PNPs has created to attract foreign skilled professionals to Canadian provinces. To date, more than thousands of professionals have successfully moved on & settled in Canada via PNP programs.

If you are a skilled tradesman and wish to settle in Canada to contribute to its economy, you can apply under Canada Provincial Nominee Program and get a permanent residentship in Canada.

Whatever your Canadian immigration requirements are, we are here to assist you in a better way. We the authorized Canada PR Consultant in India have our office in all the major cities including – Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Hyderabad.

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Select Your Preferred Canada PNP Programs

Alberta PNP

This Canada Provincial Nominee Program nominates people for permanent residentship in Canada. The applicants must have the skills to fill the job shortages or be planning to start or buy a new business in this zone. Check the eligibility for this PNP now!

Manitoba PNP

This Canada PNP seeks graduates, skilled tradesman, investors, & their families to work and settle in Manitoba with the intention and ability to boost the economy of Manitoba. To apply for PR under Manitoba PNPs, discuss with our Canada PR Consultant in India!

New Brunswick PNP

This program is designed for foreign migrants who possess high skills, education, and work experience, as well as the intent to work for the economic stability of the New Brunswick region. If you want to live and work in this province, speak with the best immigration consultants in India for Canada PR now!

British Columbia PNP

This program is jointly monitored and administered by the Government of British Columbia’s Immigration branch. The PNP is devised to nominate foreign workers, students, and investors who can help grow B.C.’s economy. To check the requirements for BC programs, contact us now!

Nova Scotia PNP

Nova Scotia PNP is designed to attract job seekers who are ready to fill the gaps in the workforce and can contribute to the economic growth of New Scotland. Select this PNP program and get ready to open your doors to Canada.

Ontario PNP

This PNP enables foreign nationals to become permanent Canadian residents. Further, this program attracts immigrants in areas of – skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and investors. Submit your Ontario PNP application today with the help of ICCRC-certified Canada PR consultants in India.

Saskatchewan PNP

This Province Nominee Program is devised to attract skilled professionals based on the demand of the current job market and the economic condition of the region. Saskatchewan has a very high demand for skilled workers, and it is the only program that accepts applications outside Canada.


Prince Edward Island (PEI) is the ideal place to pursue your career and settle with your family. This PNP targets immigrants with professional skills, investors, and young & fresh graduates who just did their post-secondary education. To know the eligibility criteria for applying for Canada PR, contact Canada Visa Agency in India!

How Do I Qualify for Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program?

If you want to relocate to Canada through Canada Provincial Nominee Program, a Canadian Province must have to nominate you. For this, you need to apply to a specific province for nomination under the Express Entry system. If your profile complies with the criteria of the region and your job role is listed on the nominee list, you will get the approval and you need to proceed with Canada PR.

The terms and conditions for approving the PR application will vary based on the province you choose. So, it’s advised to get help from professional Canada PR Consultants in India, as they are aware of the rules of each province and get the application approved in no time.

Document Required to Proceed with PNP in Canada

To apply for a Canada Provincial Nominee Program, you need the documents as follows: –

  • Valid passport and travel history
  • Educational documents for assessment
  • Recent health report
  • Police clearance certificate with zero criminal records
  • Other supporting documents (advised by us)

How DM Immigration Consultant Can Help you with Canada PR?

DM Consultant, the team of ICCRC certified immigration and Canada PR Consultants in India can assist you to get a Canada PR Visa easily. With a decade of experience in this field, we ensure that your application complies with the province’s terms and has a high-level chance of getting approval.

We, the best immigration consultants in India for Canada PR can assist you in every step of the process as follows: –

Preparing the required paperwork

Drafting the application and submitting it for processing

Regular follow-ups with Canadian authorities

Providing support before and after migration

We walk with our clients throughout the process and get the PR approved in a hassle-free way. With a success rate of 100%, we are the best Canadian Immigration and Canada Visa Agency in India with offices in – Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.

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