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If you are exceptionally talented in a specific field or have an outstanding achievement recognised internationally, you can apply for Australia PR through Global Talent Visa Australia. . The program is more prevalent among individuals with high-end professional achievements than other Australian migration programs.

The vibrant country Down Under is the best place to earn desired rewards for your innovative skills and enhance your reputation for a record of achievements.

DM Consultants India can help you in acquiring a global talent visa in Australia in a hassle-free manner. If you fulfill all the requirements, our MARA-certified agents will help you secure your Australia PR visa faster and easier. We are registered migration agents and can guide you in the entire application process to make your permanent migration
journey comfortably and help you secure the visa within the required timeframe.

Overview of Australia Global Talent Visa

Overview of Australia Global Talent Visa

The Australia Global Talent visa is a permanent program for exceptionally talented and prominent professionals who can raise Australia’s standing in their field. Global talent program Australia offers a migration pathway for individuals with record achievements, especially high-earning individuals in future-focused sectors.

It is an easy pathway for Australia PR and allows candidates to live, work and study in Australia. Talent Visa Australia promotes innovation by targeting specific sectors of expertise to think about the future and help add more to its robust economy. This visa allows Australia in the following ways:

  • Skills transfer
  • Promotion of innovation
  • Creating jobs in specific sectors

Sectors of Expertise

The Department of Home Affairs plans 5000 invites under this Global talent independent program Australia  as part of the 2022-23 Federal Budget. This program focuses on the following sectors:


  • Beneficiation technologies
  • Blockchain technology
  • Machine learning technologies
  • Digital technologies
  • Disruptive technologies
  • Energy-saving technologies
  • Wearable technology
  • Advanced visualisation technology
  • Beverage technology
  • Immersive technology
  • Individual technologies
  • Observation technology
  • Predictive technologies
  • Processing technologies
  • Quantum technologies
  • Recycling technology
  • Rocket technology
  • Smart sorting technologies
  • Emissions technology


  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Precision manufacturing
  • Responsible manufacturing
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Advanced materials
  • High-tech materials


  • Precision medicine
  • 2Regenerative medicine
  • Space medicine
  • Care diagnostics
  • Body mapping

Circular Economy

  • Energy storage design
  • Hydrogen technology
  • Clean technologies
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Waste treatment
  • Bio-methane production
  • Expertise in energy saving


  • Smart cities
  • Digital design
  • Digital wallets
  • Digital Data
  • Front-end development
  • Robotic equipment
  • Military equipment acquisition
  • Sustainable production
  • Tech Economies


  • Financial services
  • response services
  • integration
  • Systems integration
  • Edge skills
  • Skill shortages
  • Edge innovation
  • Industrial innovation
  • Invitation reference identifier
  • Wearable devices
  • Custom devices
  • Debris monitoring
  • High-value businesses
  • Future proteins
  • Material sources
  • Materials resilience
  • Precision measurement
Features of Global Talent Program Australia

Features of Global Talent Program Australia

Australia has a robust economy, offers a relaxing living atmosphere in secure conditions, and is friendly towards immigrants. The country Down Under values innovation and gives a solid platform for investment due to its strong trade links with economic development countries and ease of business approach.

It annually invites extraordinarily talented skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and successful businesses via Global Talent Program Australia with their networks, achievements, capital, and ideas. These skilled professionals get permanent residence and add to their current earnings, Australian economy, and resources.

Benefits of GTI Visa Australia

Benefits of GTI Visa Australia

Australia Global Talent Visa, also known as GTI Visa Australia, is a permanent visa that grants the permit holders the following benefits:

  • Permanent stay anywhere in Australia
  • Study and work in Australia
  • Avail of healthcare scheme in Australia
  • Eligible for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor your relatives to apply for Australia PR
  • Subsidised Schooling for Children
  • Travel to and fro for 5 years
  • Avail benefits from the Government of Australia
  • Buy a property or do business in Australia
  • Free schooling for children in public schools

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Frequently Asked Questions on Global Talent Visa Australia

Australian Global Talent Visa is for foreign nationals and those living in the country temporarily. Under this subclass 858 visa, the applicant must satisfy the eligibility criteria according to the Australia skilled migration plan. To qualify, the candidate must have an exceptional record and achievement of international recognition in a specific field. Get a nomination from an Australian citizen, a resident or a reputed Australian organization, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. Show the ability to establish your niche in Australia through the job or business and contribute to the country's economic development. The ideal age is between 18-55 years.
The average processing time for Australia PR through the Global Talent pathway is 5-7 months. The DHA processes 90% of the applications in 7 months. Contact DM Consultants India today to start your application for a Global Talent Visa! Our registered Australian immigration consultants are available to guide you always with personalised services.
No. Your job offer is not mandatory to be eligible for a Global Talent visa. It is not based on points. The candidate can opt for paid employment, work as self-employed, or manage a company. However, any job should be in the relevant field a reputed sponsor has nominated you.
The widespread Global Talent Visa is for highly skilled workers with exceptional talent and remarkable achievements with international recognition in the priority sectors. These sectors include Health industries, Resources, Agri-food and ag tech, Circular Economy, Energy, Defence, Advanced manufacturing and space, Digitech, Financial services and FinTech, Education and Infrastructure, and tourism.
GTI Visa Australia is a permanent visa processed on a priority basis by the government. It grants the permit holders the following benefits:
  • Live permanently and study, and work in Australia
  • Avail of healthcare scheme in Australia
  • Eligible for Australian citizenship
  • Sponsor your relatives to apply for Australia PR
  • Subsidised Schooling for Children
  • Travel easily in and out of Australia for 5 years
There is no age bar for Individuals with exceptional talent to apply for this visa. However, the optimal age bracket is considered between 18 and 55. Applicants have to prove they would offer a special benefit to Australia.
No. It is optional as it is not a points-tested visa. You are only required to have basic knowledge of the English language for smooth communication.
You are allowed to travel in and out of Australia hassle-free for five years from the date you are issued a GTI visa. After the visa expiry, a Resident Return Visa (subclass 155 or 157) is required to re-enter Australia as a permanent resident.

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