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Being the top immigration consultants in Chennai, we understand the challenges that may arise during the process of migrating to another country. Our goal is to assist you in scaling through these processes, such as assessment, documentation, and filing.

As a result, we guarantee 100% transparency in our services. Also, our legal representatives will direct you properly through every stage of each application. Our number one priority is to ensure that you enjoy a smooth and hassle-free migration journey, hence, we, being the best visa agents in Chennai, guarantee to put in our best to offer dedicated and client-focused immigration services focused on helping you realize your dreams. Whether you are interested in Australia immigration or need expert guidance for Canada immigration, you can trust us!


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We make the visa process faster, Our primary goal has been to provide immigration in all over country and universities.

Skilled Immigration
Skilled Immigration

Skilled Immigration

Canada is the second largest country in the world based on total area, and the fourth largest country in terms of land area.

Visit Visa
Visit Visa

Visit Visa

Thailand is a country that is rich in culture, history, and tradition. It is also a fascinating place that offers countless attractions.

Work Permits
Work Permits

Work Permits

Explore opportunities to take your career to the next level.Whether you are a student,a graduate or an experienced

Obtain visa advisory services in India for NSW, Canada, the US, the UK, and more.
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How do we Work?

Before proceeding with the first step of immigration, determining your eligibility is a must. Because the terms and rules may differ based on the country you choose to move on.

We, the best immigration agency in India, carefully analyze your documents and test the eligibility to proceed with the migration process.

We have a highly skilled panel of legal counselors, registered migration consultants, and visa experts, so you can be in peace of mind that your things will be get done faster.

Eligibility Assessment

Eligibility Assessment

We, the immigration agency in India, follow simple and easy steps to support you with your visa approval process. By offering a wide range of services, including – immigration for businesses or skilled professionals, tourist visas, and work permits, our team will make your visa approval and immigration journey smooth. Whether you’ve decided to move on from one country to another to study, do business, or enjoy your vacation, we’re here to help you always. Our team of experts is available for an open discussion over a phone call, email support, or in person at your convenient time.


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With over 20+ office locations in over 6 countries, we provide local knowledge with global experience.

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You can register yourself online for our services. Fill up form details and we get back to you.

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After reviewing your documents we will get in touch with you for the next personal meeting for guidance.

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DM proudly maintains a global presence and delivers professional expertise. Our website boasts a user-friendly registration process that allows you to kickstart your immigration journey by completing a hassle-free payment through our convenient payment gateway.


We provide a COMPLIMENTARY Assessment to assist you in selecting the appropriate visa category that aligns with your specific needs. You could qualify for various visa options, and our team of experts is here to offer guidance that empowers you to make an informed choice.


Our experts suggest documentation submission as per country’s policy and applicant base.

Application Submission

Once we've confirmed that all the necessary documents are in order, we'll initiate your visa application procedure. You'll be assigned a dedicated case officer who will maintain regular communication with the relevant immigration authorities and keep you informed about the status of your application.

Pre-immigration support

Even after receiving approval, our commitment doesn't end; our support remains ongoing. We guarantee your safe departure and a seamless journey. Additionally, we provide assistance in job search, housing, and registration in your new destination.

Enjoy Your Freedom

And you are all ready to apply. Professionals suggestions are proven 100% guaranteed.


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What Are Our Clients Saying About Us?

I had an exceptional encounter with a consultant at DM, who provided invaluable assistance with my immigration process, all while maintaining a cheerful demeanor. I am truly pleased that I selected their services, as the team at DM delivered impeccable assistance throughout. Furthermore, the guidance and information they furnished were both accurate and invaluable. DM unquestionably stands out as a trustworthy consultancy in India, and I wholeheartedly endorse their services for a seamless Canadian immigration application experience, especially for individuals in Mumbai.

Ratan Sargam

I had been contemplating relocating to Canada for quite some time. After extensive research, I finally stumbled upon a reputable consultancy firm. DM Immigration Consultants in Mumbai provided me with a thorough and transparent explanation of the Canadian immigration process in a highly professional manner. With their team of ICCRC registered advisors, DM is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking trusted assistance with their Canada immigration journey. When it comes to reliable consultants for Canadian immigration, there is simply no better option than DM.

Rishi Mercury

DM is undeniably a consultant firm dedicated to achieving success. Right from the beginning, they refrained from making extravagant promises and instead provided me with a comprehensive explanation of the entire process. Their transparency and pragmatic approach left a lasting impression on me. Throughout the process of obtaining a work permit in Poland from Mumbai, they extended their unwavering support and guidance, even in the face of stringent regulations that at times left me feeling impatient due to my strong desire to work in Europe. In those moments of despair, their consultants remained consistently empathetic and helped me navigate the challenges, ultimately leading me to triumph. Now that I have secured my work permit and arrived in Poland, I am overwhelmed with relief and gratitude. Here's to DM for making it possible! Cheers!

Rohit Raut

I had a desire to visit the United States for personal reasons, but I found myself uncertain about the appropriate visa category and overwhelmed by the intricate application procedure. In my quest for the finest immigration consultancy firm in India, extensive research and positive recommendations led me to choose DM Immigration Consultants. Their team of experts specializing in US Visit Visas provided me with a comprehensive explanation of the process, assisted me in selecting the most suitable visa category, and simplified the entire application process. Ultimately, I successfully obtained my B1 visa. My association with DM has been incredibly satisfying, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude for their services. I offer my best wishes to DM for all their future endeavors.

Sunit Kamaraj

DM Consultants India provided me with invaluable guidance throughout my immigration journey to Australia. They are a reputable consultancy firm in Mumbai, renowned for their top-tier professional services. Prior to seeking their assistance, I had spent years attempting to navigate the complex process of applying for Australian Permanent Residency, all the while feeling bewildered. They not only elucidated the entire process to me but also detailed the eligibility prerequisites, all while keeping me consistently informed about the status of my application. Their unwavering support and transparent approach were truly commendable. I am profoundly grateful for their assistance and guidance.

Ajay Piramal

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