Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

If you’re looking to migrate to a Canadian province which offers the best job opportunities, educational facilities, and a good community to live in, then Manitoba is the right place for you. The province of Manitoba has several advantages include – the growing economy, low cost of living, great housing options, and cultural diversity. Furthermore, Manitoba welcomes fresh graduates, investors, skilled tradesmen, in-demand jobs professionals, and their families to live, work and settle in the beautiful province. To get started with the process of settling in Manitoba province, you need to enroll yourself in Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP).

An Overview of Manitoba PNP Program

Manitoba holds the pride of being the first province to launch a Provincial Nominee Program in the year 1998. This PNP Program has created a huge impact on the economic growth, labor market, and population of Manitoba. In the initial phase, only 418 immigrants were welcomed through this program, but now every year more than 4000 new immigrants get benefited through this program. 

If you are planning to migrate to Canada through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program, you can get started today by contacting the Canada PR agency in India. With a team of ICCRC-registered Canadian immigration consultants, we can guide you from the initial stage to the end to get your Canada PR from India done smoothly.

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Different Streams of Manitoba Immigration PNP

Manitoba supports four thousand immigrants per year to relocate to Canada and aims at helping the migrants to integrate and settle quickly in the province. The Manitoba immigration program comprises 4 different streams and they are outlined as follows:

Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

Manitoba immigration officials are inviting skilled professionals to apply for the Manitoba PNP program under this stream. There are two pathways available – Manitoba Work Experience Pathway & Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway. 

  • Work experience pathway – To attract skilled workers and professionals in Manitoba who wish to settle permanently in the province by getting Canada PR. 
  • Employer Direct Pathway – To attracts overseas workers who wish to work and settle in Manitoba.

Skilled Work in Overseas Stream

This stream aims at overseas skilled workers who are well-trained with skills and experience to perform in-demand jobs. Candidates who are willing to migrate with their spouse or close family connections will be given priority. This comes with two pathways – Manitoba Express Entry Pathway and Human Capital Pathway. 
  • Express Entry Pathway – for those who have a valid express entry profile. 
  • Human Capital Pathway – for foreign workers with the skills, and experience in any one of the in-demand jobs listed in NOC.

International Education Stream

This is dedicated to international graduates from Manitoba colleges and Canadian-approved universities. Under this stream, candidates don’t require a prior experience in their field. There are 3 different pathways: – 

Career Employment Pathway 

This pathway will expedite the nomination of international graduates in mathematics, science, technology, and engineering. Graduates with job offers in any in-demand jobs don’t need to have an experience for 6 months before applying. 

Graduate Internship Pathway

This targets the degree holders of Masters and Doctorate and expedites the nomination process for the successful contribution of industry innovation in Manitoba. If you have completed Mitacs or Elevate Internships, then you can apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program without a job offer. 

Student Entrepreneur Pathway 

This aims at international graduates from Manitoba universities who want to start or buy a new business in the province. To enroll in this nomination program, the applicant must comply with the terms of the Business Performance Agreement of the province.

Business Investor Stream

This stream targets skilled entrepreneurs and business investors who are qualified to establish their businesses in Manitoba. Initially, candidates will be provided with a temporary work permit and they should have the ability to start or purchase a new business within two years. There are two pathways available.  

Entrepreneur Pathway 

This is for candidates who want to start their own business in Manitoba. Applicants who are nominated under PNP will be voted for Canada Permanent Residence (Canada PR) after complying with the terms and conditions of a Business Performance Agreement. 

Farm Investor Pathway 

This is for applicants who want to start their farm in rural Manitoba. Under this stream, candidates are initially issued with a temporary work permit and will be nominated for Canada PR after meeting the terms prescribed by Business Performance Agreement.

Manitoba PNP Eligibility Criteria and Documents Required

  • Basic work experience 
  • Required scores on language proficiency test 
  • Strong wish to live, work, and settle in Canada
  • Valid work permit and Express Entry profile 
  • Must have a relevant work experience in any of the jobs listed under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) 
  • Proof of native residence 
  • Confirmation letter from LMIS (Labor Market Impact Assessment)

Documents Required for Manitoba PNP Program

The process of preparing documents, & filling out the application form seems to be complicated. But you can make it easier and stress-free by getting help from Immigration Consultants in India. Right from the start of arranging paperwork, filling out the application form, to submitting for approval, the team of professional Canada PR consultants will be there always for you to get things done in the right way.

  • Identity proof & valid passport 
  • Language proficiency test 
  • Educational Credential Assessment 
  • Marriage Certificate (if you’re migrating with your family) 
  • Health certificate 
  • Settlement plan 
  • Experience certificate of previous work 
  • Proof of funds 

How to Apply for Manitoba PNP?

  • Contact DM Immigration Consultant with information on which country you want to migrate to. 
  • Provide all the required documents as mentioned above. 
  • Our experienced immigration consultant will review your documents & test your eligibility to apply for PNP Programs. 
  • If you are eligible, our consultants will fill out the application form and submit it for approval from the Province of Manitoba. 
  • If your nomination request is approved, you will receive the nomination letter from the province. With that nomination letter, our visa officers will apply for a PR. And within 4 to 6 months, you are all set to fly to Canada. 

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