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Manitoba may be an excellent option if you’re considering settling in Western Canada. With its strong economy and inviting environment, the province attracts many skilled immigrants yearly by offering a better quality of life, healthy salaries, and excellent career and business opportunities. To increase your chances of obtaining permanent residency in Canada, you can apply for the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program  (MPNP) from India and receive a nomination certificate.

DM Immigration Consultants, a reputable and registered immigration agency in India, can assist you through the MPNP pathway. Our team of ICCRC-registered consultants will provide professional federal immigration services throughout the process and use their expertise to ensure your approval. Register with us today for a free consultation with our immigration experts and learn more about this Provincial Nominee Program.

Overview of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Overview of the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program is among the first economic immigration programs in Canada, created in 1998 to attract skilled immigrants, and has since played a significant role in the region’s population, labour force, and economic growth. Each year, the program receives a set number of nominations from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Initially, only 418 immigrants were welcomed through this program, but now over 4,000 new immigrants benefit from it yearly. For 2022, the western province was allocated 5,075 base nominations and 1,250 enhanced nominations, issuing 6,378 nominations.
Under Manitoba PNP, provinces and territories can nominate individuals through the non-Express Entry process or Express Entry. Nominations made through the non-Express Entry process are called “base nominations,” while those made through Express Entry are called “enhanced nominations.” Enhanced streams align directly with the Express Entry system, while the provincial government operates base streams.

Interested candidates from India can immigrate to Manitoba by using the Express Entry profile and expressing interest in nomination to boost their chances of obtaining permanent residency. The federal government manages the Express Entry system and gives applicants a point-based score on the Comprehensive Ranking System. The highest-scoring individuals receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for Canada PR. If a candidate gets a nomination from an enhanced provincial program, they will receive an additional 600 points. It will increase their chances of obtaining an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. Candidates who receive a provincial nomination must apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Features of Manitoba PNP from India

Features of Manitoba PNP from India

Manitoba is a beautiful province for immigrants due to its thriving labour market fueled by its incredible natural and agricultural resources. Through the Nominee Program, the province regularly nominates skilled professionals who meet the eligibility criteria to fill labour shortages in the market. 


With its excellent job opportunities, educational facilities, and a strong sense of community, Manitoba is an ideal destination for migrants. The province boasts a growing economy, low cost of living, diverse housing options, and cultural diversity. It welcomes fresh graduates, investors, skilled tradespeople, and job professionals in-demand occupations. Candidates and their families can live, work, and settle in the province. 


Manitoba is a Western Prairie province in the middle of Canada with plenty of grasslands, plains, and lowlands. It offers natural beauty and clean, safe, secure and friendly cities and towns for immigrants to enjoy a relaxed and vibrant lifestyle. The capital of the province, Winnipeg, is a world-class city with many employment, entertainment, and education options.


The Manitoba Nominee Program provides an easy pathway for experienced, skilled workers, recent international graduates, and business people to acquire Canada PR and work, study, and live in the province. Eligible candidates need to enroll in the MPNP to settle in Manitoba.


Benefits of Manitoba PNP

Many immigrants relocate to Winnipeg and other areas in Manitoba for various reasons.

  • The city offers affordable housing, a low cost of living, and diverse job opportunities.
  • The population is multicultural and diverse. The city boasts a robust healthcare system and world-class universities.
  • It has a robust and diversified economy, with many opportunities for quality careers, education, and entrepreneurship.
  • Urban and rural communities in the area are diverse and welcoming.
Choose Manitoba MNP Streams

Choose Manitoba MNP Streams

Manitoba immigration program may be a great choice offering different Canadian immigration options. The province welcomes around 4,000 immigrants annually and is dedicated to helping newcomers settle in quickly. It provides four different immigration streams to choose from, including:

Skilled Worker Stream

This program nominates individuals with international experience and training that match the skills required in the local labour market for Canada PR. There are two pathways available:

  • Skilled Worker in Manitoba: For applicants who have a solid connection to the province through current employment and meet additional requirements.
  • Skilled Worker Overseas: For those who can demonstrate a set connection to the province through family, relatives or friends' support, previous work experience or education, or an ITA through MPNP as part of a Strategic Recruitment Initiative.

International Education Stream

This stream offers international students graduating inside and meeting requirements of the industry faster pathways to the nomination for Canada PR visas to settle and work in Manitoba. There are three pathways available:

  • Career Employment Pathway: For international graduates in mathematics, science, technology, and engineering with job offers in any in-demand jobs.
  • Graduate Internship Pathway: For degree holders of Masters and Doctorate who have completed Mitacs or Elevate Internships.
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pathway: For international graduates from Manitoba universities who want to start or buy a new business in the province.

Business Investor Stream

This stream targets established entrepreneurs and business investors qualified to establish businesses in Manitoba. There are two pathways available:

  • Entrepreneurial Stream: For candidates wanting to start their business in the province.
  • Farm Investor Stream: This substream is for applicants who want to start their farm in rural areas.

Federal Immigration Programs

Many other options are available for skilled foreign workers interested in making Manitoba their home through the federal government's economic immigration programs. Spouses and other eligible family members of Canadian citizens and PR holders may also qualify under the Federal Family Class.

Eligibility Criteria for Manitoba Immigration Program

Eligibility Criteria for Manitoba Immigration Program

To be eligible for Canada PR application via Manitoba, candidates must have specific work experience and employment to meet the province’s job market demands. They should also spend enough time in the province to increase their chances of being nominated. Candidates should meet the minimum requirements of the province and federal requirements. Different streams have various requirements. Some of the general level requirements are:

  • Above 18 at the time of application filing,
  • Having English or French language skills,
  • A valid work permit and an Express Entry profile,
  • Skilled worker stream applicants must have a solid connection to the province through current employment, sponsorship from family or friends, previous work experience, or education,
  • Relevant work experience in any jobs listed under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) and a confirmation letter from LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment),
  • Candidates under the international students’ stream must have completed a required education or training program and possess the ability to contribute to the economy of the region,
  • Business investor stream candidates must satisfy minimum investment requirements, provide a business plan, and sign the Business Performance Agreement. There is no age requirement in this stream, but candidates between 25 to 49 years of age are allocated ranking points,
  • Candidates must have a settlement plan and an intention to live and work in Manitoba permanently,
  • They must also provide proof of native residence.

Documents Required to Apply for Manitoba PNP

The candidate must meet the regulatory requirements according to the immigration stream. The general document requirements are listed as under:

  • Proof of residence in the native country
  • Identity proof & valid passport with relevant travel details
  • Educational experience in a specific field and employment experience proof supported by Educational Credential Assessment and employment letter
  • Language proficiency test results English or French proficiency
  • Completed post-secondary program
  • Business management experience or business ownership experience for the Business Investor stream. Executive-level experience or exhaustive experience as an entrepreneur can also be considered. Proof of major business running and aspects of business before exploratory visit candidates to Manitoba
  • Marriage Certificate (if required)
  • Health certificate
  • Settlement plan
  • Full-time work experience
  • Proof of funds
  • Police Character certificate
  • Bank statement to prove enough funds to bear travel expenses and accommodation
  • Employment letter (if required)
  • Previous work experience in the related field
  • Proof of solid connection to the province (if needed)
Application Process for Manitoba PNP from India

Application Process for Manitoba PNP from India

To get a nomination for Canada PR through MPNP, a candidate needs to follow the following steps during the application for immigration process:

  • Assess your eligibility for provincial immigration application and generate an Express Entry profile on the IRCC website
  • Provide all the details, including work experience, ECA, and IELTS test scores
  • Submit an EOI from your Express Entry profile to seek a nomination
  • After you meet all the requirements, you can hope to receive Nomination Certificate
  • Submit an active immigration application with the IRCC and include the application processing fee receipt
  • IRCC will cross-check your details and decide on your PR application within 6 months
  • In the business investor stream, a candidate first does business research, submits EOI, if eligible receives LAA, signs the agreement, and obtains a work permit to establish business
  • and receive an MPNP nomination.
How can DM Consultant help you to get a Nomination via MPNP?

How can DM Consultant help you to get a Nomination via MPNP?

Preparing documents and filling out the immigration program application form can be complicated and time-consuming. But you can make it easier and stress-free by getting help from DM Immigration Consultants India.

DM has a qualified team of ICCRC-registered Immigration Experts in India. Our experienced Immigration Experts have served our clients successfully in the dynamic immigration industry. We have earned their trust through awareness of the application process, assistance in documentation, help in creating a profile in Canada Express Entry, guidance in picking the right immigration stream, support in completing the application, and regular updates from the concerned immigration authority on the visa application status. We also help improve English scores and acquire French skills through French language proficiency and other language programs and assist in ECA.

Different Streams of Manitoba Immigration PNP

Manitoba supports four thousand immigrants per year to relocate to Canada and aims at helping the migrants to integrate and settle quickly in the province. The Manitoba immigration program comprises 4 different streams and they are outlined as follows:

Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

Manitoba immigration officials are inviting skilled professionals to apply for the Manitoba PNP program under this stream. There are two pathways available – Manitoba Work Experience Pathway & Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway. 

  • Work experience pathway – To attract skilled workers and professionals in Manitoba who wish to settle permanently in the province by getting Canada PR. 
  • Employer Direct Pathway – To attracts overseas workers who wish to work and settle in Manitoba.

Skilled Work in Overseas Stream

This stream aims at overseas skilled workers who are well-trained with skills and experience to perform in-demand jobs. Candidates who are willing to migrate with their spouse or close family connections will be given priority. This comes with two pathways – Manitoba Express Entry Pathway and Human Capital Pathway. 
  • Express Entry Pathway – for those who have a valid express entry profile. 
  • Human Capital Pathway – for foreign workers with the skills, and experience in any one of the in-demand jobs listed in NOC.

International Education Stream

This is dedicated to international graduates from Manitoba colleges and Canadian-approved universities. Under this stream, candidates don’t require a prior experience in their field. There are 3 different pathways: – 

Career Employment Pathway 

This pathway will expedite the nomination of international graduates in mathematics, science, technology, and engineering. Graduates with job offers in any in-demand jobs don’t need to have an experience for 6 months before applying. 

Graduate Internship Pathway

This targets the degree holders of Masters and Doctorate and expedites the nomination process for the successful contribution of industry innovation in Manitoba. If you have completed Mitacs or Elevate Internships, then you can apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program without a job offer. 

Student Entrepreneur Pathway 

This aims at international graduates from Manitoba universities who want to start or buy a new business in the province. To enroll in this nomination program, the applicant must comply with the terms of the Business Performance Agreement of the province.

Business Investor Stream

This stream targets skilled entrepreneurs and business investors who are qualified to establish their businesses in Manitoba. Initially, candidates will be provided with a temporary work permit and they should have the ability to start or purchase a new business within two years. There are two pathways available.  

Entrepreneur Pathway 

This is for candidates who want to start their own business in Manitoba. Applicants who are nominated under PNP will be voted for Canada Permanent Residence (Canada PR) after complying with the terms and conditions of a Business Performance Agreement. 

Farm Investor Pathway 

This is for applicants who want to start their farm in rural Manitoba. Under this stream, candidates are initially issued with a temporary work permit and will be nominated for Canada PR after meeting the terms prescribed by Business Performance Agreement.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Manitoba Nominee Program

Manitoba nominates individuals for Canada PR based on their international work experience and education in the province, as long as their skills match the needs of the local job market. Additionally, those with strong connections to the province through family, friends, or employment are also eligible. Manitoba also offers nominations through establishing a new business or purchasing an existing one, provided the applicant meets the minimum investment requirements and signs a business agreement.
To be eligible for MPNP, a candidate must get at least 60 points on the Manitoba Self-Assessment Worksheet. Points are awarded based on language (15 points max), age (10 points max), work experience (15 points max), Education (25 points), and Adaptability (25 points max). Based on these factors, the MPNP will evaluate the final score, the submitted documents, and the settlement plan.
The MPNP evaluates complete applications within six months. However, incomplete applications or discrepancies in the EOI process may prevent processing times from exceeding this period. If additional information is required, the MPNP will contact the applicant. After receiving a nomination, applicants may apply for Canada PR within the required timeframe, with a decision from IRCC taking an additional six months.
You must establish a connection with Manitoba to be eligible for various MPNP streams. It can be done through employment offers, family, friends, or previous work experience or education in Manitoba. If you have close relatives sponsoring you, you and the supporter must provide documents proving your familial relationship. Additionally, you can explore the province's various regional initiatives for potential immigration without a connection to Manitoba.
To apply for the MPNP, you must pay a $500 application fee, which is non-refundable. If you get a Letter of Advice to Apply, you can access the complete MPNP application by logging into your account. After receiving the LAA, you'll have 60 days to submit your complete application.
This job offer is advantageous because the MPNP is an economic immigration program that prioritises skilled workers who are employable and adaptable, have English ability, enough settlement funds, and have a solid intention and ability to establish themselves economically as permanent residents in Manitoba. It is not a sponsorship program.
To apply for a job in Manitoba through the MPNP, you'll need to seek out employers designated by the provincial government or utilize the Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway. To qualify for this pathway, you must attend a recruitment session with MPNP officials outside of Canada, participate in an interview with both MPNP officials and a Manitoba employer, and receive an official offer for permanent, full-time employment in Manitoba from the employer. DM also assists in Job search through its network in Canada.

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