Australian Dependent & Spouse Visa Sub Class 820

Are you thinking of taking your family to Australia? Australia consistently ranks as the most desirable and liveable country in the world with the quality of life, fantastic climate, great job opportunities, and welcoming culture. With all the plus points, it comes no surprise that Australia attracts many skilled workers to live, work, and settle on their soil. Now, around 25% of the Australian population are non-Australians. This proves the emerging immigration rate of Australia. If you have decided to build a new life in this foreign nation, you need to apply for Spouse/Dependent Visa for Australia subclass 802. 

The Australian Spouse visa process seems to be complex, as it requires a lengthy procedure and the preparation of a long list of documents. But, getting help from our Australian immigration consultants in India can make the application process for partner visas in Australia easier. With a team of MARA-registered agents, we can ensure that your spouse visa will be approved as fast as possible.

Spouse/Partner Visa Subclass: 309, 100, 801, and 802 – Which One to Choose?

The subclasses 309 and 820 spouse visa Australia let you live, study, and work until you receive a permanent spouse visa. Under this subclass visa, you are eligible to avail healthcare, but you can’t be able to get funded by the government for your studies over there. Further, under an 820 spouse visa in Australia, you can have dependent children, but you cannot be able to add relatives as dependents.

With 100 & 801 spouse visas, you can stay, study and work in Australia permanently. You can sponsor your children and relatives for Australia PR from India. Under this visa, you can apply for Australian Citizenship and travel to and from Australia as long as the visa is valid. You need to renew this visa every five years.

To know more about the features of a partner visa or spouse visa, connect with the Australian visa consultants in India. With years of expertise in this field, we will guide you to fulfil the visa criteria being an applicant.

Features of Partner Visa Australia

The Department of Australia Immigration allows professionals to call their families under the Dependent Visa Program. To be eligible for this, the applicant must be either an Australian Citizen, the holder of Australia PR, or a New Zealand Citizen. With an 820 visa in Australia, the applicant can take their spouse or de facto partner to stay in Australia.To apply for a spouse or dependent visa, the sponsor (Australian Citizen or Australia PR Holder) needs to provide a written statement assuring to support you financially during your stay in Australia. It includes – accommodation and other expenses to meet the living needs.

Subclass 820 & 801 Visa Australia

820 visa is offered temporarily, which allows you to live, work, and settle in Australia with your family. Once you spend two years with a temporary visa in Australia, you can proceed further to apply for an Australia Permanent Spouse visa (subclass 801).

When applying for subclass 801 and 802 spouse visa Australia, you must present yourself in Australia. Even if your relationship doesn’t exist, you will get a spouse visa.

Subclass 309 & 100 Spouse Visa

Subclass 309 is also a temporary partner visa in Australia valid for two years. With this, you can apply for a permanent partner visa (subclass 100) if you are still in a relationship. At the time of applying and issuance of a spouse visa, you can be in any country except Australia.

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Apply for an Australian Spouse Visa
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Dependent Visa Australia Requirements

To apply for a spouse visa in Australia from India, you need to comply with the below requirements: 

  • Both should be above 18 years old 
  • Should be in a de facto relationship or spouse of a person who is either a Citizen of New Zealand or Australia or should be an Australia PR holder. 
  • The relationship between partners must be over 12 months old 
  • For married couples, the marriage should be validated by Australian Law 
  • Both partners must meet the health and character parameters of the Australian immigration 
  • Need to prove that you both are having a committed and genuine relationship

Documents Required to Process Partner Visa Australia

Arranging all the paperwork and applying for Spouse/Dependent Visa subclass 802 can be done in an easy way, if you get professional support from the MARA-registered Australian immigration consultants in India.

  • Filled application form
  • Valid passports of both partners
  • Latest passport size photographs
  • Copies of birth certificate
  • Health examination report
  • Health insurance documents
  • Police clearance certificate with zero criminal record

How to Apply for a Dependent Visa for Australia from India?

  • Step 1: Contact DM Immigration Consultant in India with your visa requirements. 
  • We will prepare a checklist of the documents required to process your application. 
  • Our team of immigration consultants in India will guide us in arranging the required documents. 
  • Once the documentation is done, we will lodge your partner visa application. It will take a few months to get approved by DHA. 
  • After obtaining approval from DHA, you will receive your spouse visa, and you can move on accordingly. 
  • Unlike other work permits, tourist visas, and Australian skilled work visas, spouse visas will take months and years for processing. So, it’s better to begin your visa application at the earliest.

Apply for Dependent Visa for Australia from India

To take your family to Australia under a spouse/dependent visa, talk to our experienced MARA registered Australian immigration experts in India. We at DM Immigration Consultants can walk with you throughout the visa application. With a success ratio of 10K+ visa approvals, we have the vision to make your immigration process easy.

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Frequently Asked Question on Spouse Visa Australia

The visa application cost depends on the category you choose. If you apply for a spouse visa (subclass 820 801) in Australia, the visa cost will be around AUD 7500 to 8000. Get a free quote from the best Australian immigration consultants in India.

Generally, a dependent holds a full right to work, study, and stay in Australia under the dependent visa (801 & 802).

The spouse/dependent visa application may take 15 to 28 months based on the subclass you choose. The applicant has to be an Australia PR holder/Australian Citizen or New Zealand Citizen to be eligible to apply for a spouse or dependent visa.

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