Introduction to Poland Work Permit from India

Working in Poland comes with a lot of advantages such as – natural beauty, earning a better salary, good infrastructure, affordable housing plans & much more. Understanding the ever-growing economy of Poland, many large companies are establishing their presence in Poland by creating more job opportunities for local & foreign skilled workers. Are you planning to find your dream job in Poland? Great decision! But to work in Poland, you must have a Poland work permit. To get a Poland work permit from India, you can get support from our team of experienced immigration consultants in India. You can contact us online or visit our offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, & Pune. We offer the best workable solution to allow travelers to secure their visas as fast as possible.

Key Features of Poland Work Permit Visa from India

Nowadays, skilled workers prefer to work and live in Poland due to many job opportunities, affordable living, and high wages. The labor market is facing massive demand for talented workers for skilled occupations. As per the Polish immigration laws, the foreign workers hired to perform the jobs must have a valid work permit visa.

To work in Poland, workers must get an Employment Visa, type D, from the Consulate of Poland in their home country. Typically, work permits are issued with validity for a minimum of 1 year of the period. Employers wishing to hire foreign citizens must submit an employment application to the Voivodeship department and get approval from the officials.

Different Types of Poland Work Visas

Are you looking to apply for a Poland work visa? Before getting started, you need to be aware of the different types of work permits available.

  • Permit Type A: If you receive a job offer from a Poland-registered business, you can opt for this work permit. And this permit will be granted to you with the condition that you must obtain a valid residence permit to continue your job.
  • Permit Type B: If you are employed in a superior position like a manager or Director and will reside in Poland for more than six months, you need to apply for a Type B visa.
  • Permit Type C: This work permit is required if a foreign employer appoints you to work under the company registered in Poland for 30 days.
  • Permit Type D: This permit visa is required if you receive a job offer from a foreign employer to work in export services who don’t have a registered business in Poland.
  • Permit Type E: If you are sent to Poland by a foreign employer to take care of farming activities such as agricultural, fishing, gardening, or hunting, a Type S work permit will be the right choice for you.

To find the proper work permit visa, you can discuss it with our immigration consultants in India now!

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Poland Work Visa

Applying for a Poland work visa is very easy, as it comes with simple eligibility criteria that are easy to comply with. The applicant must have a minimum education of 10th grade. Unlike other work visa permit eligibility terms, there is no need for IELTS or previous relevant work experience is required.

To proceed with the work permit application, the employer has to submit a duly filled visa application by providing all the details about the job, like – the company you are going to work with and your job role.

The main thing to be noted is – the work permit will be granted in the company’s name to perform the particular job position. If the worker wishes to switch a job, they must have a new work permit in the name of the new company and job role.

Requirements to Apply for a Poland Work Permit Visa from India

  • Duly filed application form.
  • Documents to prove the employer’s business activity.
  • Valid passport copy with relevant travel information.
  • Company deed.
  • Statement that proves the business’s profits and losses.
  • Service contract copy.

Why Choose DM Immigration to Poland Work Permit Visa?

Do you have a dream to pursue your career in Poland? Contact DM Immigration Consultant in India to get professional assistance in applying for a Poland work permit visa from India. 

We help you by: 

  • Free consultation on immigration & visa consultancy services
  • Support in finding a suitable job in Poland
  • Guidance in arranging key documents & paperwork
  • Pre-landing and post-landing services

FAQs on Poland Work Permit Visa

A list of the most common professions in Poland are: 

  • Engineers 
  • Doctors & nurses 
  • Technicians 

No! The work permit will be granted in the company’s name to perform the particular job. If the worker wishes to switch a job, they must have a new work permit in the name of the new company and job role. 

Yes, applying for a Poland work visa is easy. The applicant must have a minimum education of 10th grade. Unlike other work visa permit eligibility terms, there is no need for IELTS or previous relevant work experience is required. 

The cost to get a polish work permit visa varies depending on your visa type. Schedule a Free Consultation from our visa consultants in India to get a free quote for a Polish work permit visa.

Typically, it takes about 2 to 7 months to process the work visa. The time is taken for processing greatly depends on the type of visa you have applied for.

  • Duly filled application form 
  • Records of employer’s business activity 
  • Copies of applicant’s valid passport
  • Receipt of visa fees paid

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