An Overview on US Visit Visa from India

The United States of America has become a popular tourist vacation spot. You will find memorable experiences all around you in this beautiful country. While finding some places you love for your next trip is easier, visiting the country can be arduous. For an easy trip, you will need valid documents and an up-to-date passport. Worry not, for our firm can introduce you to the best consultant for a US tourist visa. Keep reading to find out more on US Visit Visa from India.

US Visit Visa Types

Visitor visas for the US for business or tourism are a category of visas the country offers. Business travelers engaged partners, and tourists can use the short-visa options offered by the USA. It is necessary to obtain a US transit or visiting visa for those making a brief trip to the US. The type of US visa to be requested is based on the reason behind the visit.

Business travelers can obtain a B-1 visa to attend conferences, meet colleagues, negotiate contracts, or organize assets.

Tourists on vacation are granted a B-2 visa. Additionally, it is issued to visitors who are going to the US to receive medical treatment and participate in social activities or contests.

Foreign citizens transiting across the US to a different location are issued a transit C visa. These travelers make a brief stopover in the US on their way elsewhere.

Members of the crew of international airlines or crew members of ships traveling to the US require a transit C-1, D, or C-1/D visa.

To understand which visa applies to your situation the best, get in touch with our US tourist visa consultants in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.

Eligibility To Get Tourist Visa For USA

The B2 visa is the most widely used of these kinds of visas. The following documents are needed for the B2 visa:

  • a valid passport
  • evidence of funds
  • letters explaining why you are visiting the US
  • sufficient insurance protection
  • specifics on where and with whom you will be staying
  • flight tickets
  • Proof that you plan to go back to your country of origin
  • financial records
  • insurance policies and additional supporting documentation
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Documentation & Processing Time

Applying for the B1 visa can be easy but time-consuming; it includes the following steps: File the DS-160 form. 

Cover the visa fees 

Request an interview to obtain the tourist visa at the local US consulate. 

Finish the B-2 visa document file. 

Appear for the visa interview, where you will be asked about the itinerary and the reason for your trip. 

How Our US Tourist Visa Agents Can Help You?

Our team of experienced professionals, including the best US tourist consultants in Chennai and Hyderabad understands the nitty-gritty of applying for a visa abroad. We can ensure that obtaining a visa is as convenient and effortless for you as possible. Our team can help you in the following ways: 

Learn about the application process

By consulting with your team, you will learn about all the documentation you will require to apply. We will also provide you with absolute clarity on how the application process works so that you find nothing perplexing. We will inform you about the required documents for the tourist visa for the USA while applying from India. 

Submit correct forms and documents

Our team of experts will review all your forms and applications to ensure that nothing gets rejected due to spelling mistakes or other avoidable errors. We will also take a look at your documents beforehand and inform you if anything needs to be added or removed for better chances of approval.

Prepare for interviews

Visa applications often involve interviews. These can be intimidating if you do not know what to expect. To solve this problem, we guide our clients through the interview process and help them do their best.

Tracking applications

Our services include tracking submitted applications. Our office will keep you up-to-date with your visa application so that you can rest assured.

US Tourist Visa FAQs

B-1 visas are for those engaged in professional or work-related activities in the United States. These could include meeting with business contacts or making travel arrangements for a conference, convention, or event on specific dates.

The amount of money you need in your bank account to apply for a US tourist visa depends on how long you plan to stay. You must have $5,000–$10,000 in your bank account for a 15-day trip.

The US travel visa does not require travel insurance.

A non-immigrant US visa is a US tourist visa (B-1/B-2). It allows for single, double, or triple entries into the US and has a validity duration of 1 month to 10 years. The Customs and Border Protection officer keeps track of the duration of the stay, which is limited to six months.

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