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New Zealand is home to a beautiful landscape and individuals. It has become a great tourist destination over the years.
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    New Zealand Visit Visa

    Explore the beauty, landscape, culture, and serenity that New Zealand has to offer its visitors. We are here to assist you in achieving that dream vacation, business, tourism, or family visit.

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    What are the various types of New Zealand visit visa?

    The type of New Zealand visa that you will apply for will depend on your purpose of visiting the country.
    • Visitor visa: it has a validity of about 9 months. It is most suitable for tourists who will be visiting the country for a short while.
    However, you must present proof of sufficient funds that will cover your living costs and expenses within the period of your stay.
    • Visa waiver visitor visa: specially designed for citizens of visa waiver countries. They can visit for up to three months in New Zealand without a permit, while UK nationals can stay up to 6 months.
    • Occupational registration visitor visa: the permit is valid for three months. You can apply for this if you are a businessman or professional willing to register your profession in the country
    • Group visitor’s visa: are you visiting New Zealand as s group? This is the ideal visa for your organization.
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