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Canada PNP program: What do you know about the OINP?

In its quest to attract experienced, skilled, and educated professionals/artisans, the Ontario government launched its Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP).

Both the Federal and Ontario government regulates the OINP. A specific number of nominations is assigned annually from the Federal government to the province.

The OINP nominate successful applicants, who will utilize their skills to develop the workforce and economy of Ontario

OINP nomination is not an automatic guarantee to permanent residency in Canada. Such a decision lies ultimately with the IRCC.

The OINP program is in three categories; they are:

Each stream has sub-streams, as described in the table below.

Employer Job Offer
Foreign Worker
International Student
Between $1,500 to $2,000
Human Capital
International Graduate
Masters Graduate stream
Ph,D Graduate stream
Ontario’s Express Entry
Human Capital Priorities
French-speaking skilled worker
Skilled Trades
Between $1,500 to $2,000
Business Category Entrepreneur stream $3,500 for each applicant

Interesting, these sub-categories were developed to make it easier for candidates to apply based on suitable profile

How do you apply for the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program?

It is imperative to understand each stream and its eligibility criteria before you apply.

Choose the right stream, sub-stream (if applicable), and then apply for nomination through the OINP e-portal.

On average, it can take you up to 3 hours to complete the application.

Do not worry; it is not compulsory to complete the process at one session. You can fill it and continue the application later with your OINP e-portal details.

The time required to process the application varies depending on the category you apply under, as shown in the table below.

Processing time OINP program
60 – 90 days Employer job offer
30 – 90 days Human capital (length depends on the sub-stream)
The time frame depends on the process Entrepreneur stream

Upon successful application, you will receive a nomination letter from the province. With this letter, you can then apply to the IRCC for a permanent resident visa in Canada.

The sole decision lies with the IRCC to either approve the application or reject it. But most times, it is rare to get a rejection. Abide by the guidelines of the program and you will have a positive outcome.

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