What is MCDII Canada Immigration Program?

MCDII is Morden’s Community Driven Immigration Initiative program specifically designed for those who intend to apply for Canada PR from India through the Manitoba Provincial Canadian Program.

Enlisted are the services furnished to the clients:

• Determining the qualification and experience to apply illustrating the must education at post-secondary education or training program of at least one year of duration. In addition, 2+ years’ experience in targeted occupation.
• Assistance in preparation of IELTS test, with CLB 5+ as an accomplished score.
• Application processing, upon acceptance by MCDII assisting with an exploratory visit to Canada wherein arrangements and complete guidance will be provided. Thereafter, mock interview will be practiced to ease an interview with an MPNP officer.
• Upon selection in the interview, DM shall assist upon applying into MPNP, whereupon after the positive consideration and review of associated authority, nomination letter will be issued.
• Influentially, with the nomination letter, DM proceeds to apply for federal processing.
• Thorough counselling will be taken on the procedure on medical test and criminal check reports. Inclusively, we ensure post landing services and arrangements at MORDEN.

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Check your Eligibility for MCDII Program

MCDII Canada immigration program focuses on driving more people to Canada to build a diverse environment, and boost the economic growth of the country. To get PR to migrate from India to Canada under this program, the applicant must comply with the following terms: – 

  • Should have a job offer that pays CAD 45,000 per annum 
  • Should make a contract to reside in the province for four years by performing job employment, or training 
  • Must be proficient in speaking either English or French 

Each year almost 50 families are chosen to get permanent residence under Manitoba MCDII program. The application will be accepted and approved only for those who meet the above criteria. Apart from this, the MCDII Canada immigration program accepts applications only from applicants who have a valid express entry profile for Canada. And the applicants who have recent work experience in the below occupations will be given the first preference while issuing the support letter: – 


  • Cooks 
  • Painters or construction contractors or interior decorators 
  • Carpenters & welders
  • Construction managers 
  • Food service supervisors 
  • Preschool teachers for children less than 5 years 

If you want to migrate to Canada through the Manitoba Nominee Program, make sure to contact the ICCRC registered immigration consultants for Canada in India. DM Immigration Consultant has a team of immigration council-approved Canadian visa & immigration consultants in India who guide you throughout your migration process to Canada.

Canada MCDII Step-by-Step Application Process

Step 1: Determine the eligibility of the applicant for the MCDII program 

Step 2: Apply for the MCDII Canada Immigration Program under the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

Step 3:  If the applicant is eligible, they need to visit Morden for an interview & exploratory visit to Manitoba. 

Step 4: An MPNP officer will be accompanied by the applicant from the start to the end of the visit. So, the applicant can explore the opportunities available at Morden. 

Step 5: If the applicant is found to be a good fit for MCDII, they will be invited to apply to the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP). 

Step 6: Once the invitation is received, the applicant can apply online with all the required documents. 

Step 7: The nomination letter will be issued by the Manitoba Nominee Program

Step 8: With the nomination letter, the applicant can proceed with the process of applying for Canada Permanent Residence. 

Step 9: The application will be reviewed & approved by IRCC. Finally, the Canada PR will be issued. 

Step 10: After receiving the Canada PR, the applicant can make all the plans to move to Morden, the best province in Canada. 

Note: All the terms and conditions must be met by the applicant at the time of the visit to Morden.

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