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As one of the most prominent economies in Europe, the United Kingdom (UK) provides its visitors with numerous tourism and business opportunities.
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    The United Kingdom is the home to a multicultural society, tourist destination, advanced economy, and breathtaking environment. It is one place that you
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    Different Types of UK visitor visa

    At DM-Consultant, we assist each client in applying for a suitable UK visitor visa based on your purpose of traveling. These include:
    1. Standard visitor visa: this applies to visitors who are coming to the UK for entertainment, vacation, tourism, or medical service.
    It is valid for up to 6 months, and you can extend it based on some conditions. It is best to apply for the standard UK visitor visa 3 months before the date of your travel.
    2. Marriage visitor visa: this visa applies to couples or legal partners who want to have their engagement in the UK, without any plans of residency
    The application fee is 95 pounds, while the best time to apply is 3 months before the intended date of visit.
    3. UK transit visa: this is for travelers who may need to stop by in the UK during their journey.
    If you have an existing marriage or standard visitor visa, then you may not have to apply for a transit visa.
    Transit visas are of two different types, and it costs between 35 to 64 pounds.
    4. Permitted paid engagement visa: this visa is only for professionals who have been either invited or sponsored by a UK-based firm to carry out an assignment in the country. The cost of the application is It cost about 95 pounds.
    5. Parent of A Tier 4 Child Visa: this is for parents who want to visit their wards that are schooling in a UK-based institution.

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