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What are Canada’s Immigration Laws ?

Millions of people enter Canada every year for work, study, visit, or other reasons. Canada’s immigration law has been structured so everyone, regardless of their location or nationality, can have the opportunity to enter Canada.

Canada’s immigration law is a series of legally binding documents that outlines the processes and rules that control who can enter or live in Canada. The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act is the legislation that governs these requirements.

Compared to the United States, Canadian immigration law has witnessed quite a few changes in recent years. In 2019 alone, Canada issued about 340,000 pr visa to foreign immigrants. Read on to learn more about these immigration laws.

Common Terminologies in Canada’s Immigration law:

When you discuss the Canadian immigration laws, there are some terminologies that you need to get familiar with. It will also help you to file your applications correctly without errors. These terms include:

Some of Canada’s Immigration Law Terminologies Meaning
1. Immigrant An immigrant is anyone who travels to another country that is not their country of origin, to live there temporarily or permanently.
2. Refugee A Refugee is anyone who migrates to another country to seek protection from the fear of persecution in their country.
3. Permanent Resident According to the IRPA, a permanent resident Is anyone who has been granted permission to live permanently in Canada but is not a citizen.
4. Citizen A Citizen is anyone who is accorded all the rights to live in Canada. You can attain this status by birth or naturalization.
5. Temporary Resident This refers to anyone who is granted permission to live in Canada within a limited time.
6. Port of Entry These are designated areas through which any foreigner can gain access to Canada. It usually includes Airports, Land borders, and Seaports.
7. Visa This is a government-approved document to show that foreign personnel are eligible to enter Canada within a particular time.
8. Foreign National Anyone who is neither a permanent resident nor citizen
9. Irregular Border Crossing When a person enters the country through the non-designated port of entries

How Does the Canadian Immigration Law Work for PR Visas ?

One of the best routes to travel to Canada is via a pr visa. The immigration law allows a particular number of programs for pr visa candidates. It has many advantages, especially if you want to live and work in Canada in the long-term.

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