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Have you heard about the International Experience Canada (IEC) pools? It is Finally Open!

Finally, one of the most anticipated programs in Canada is now open. The International Experience Canada was launched on the 12th of December 2019.

This immigration program aims to provide an opportunity for young individuals to live and work in Canada temporarily.

Another purpose of launching the IEC is to expose young professionals to the Canadian environment. Even at that, the program can also lead to permanent residency.

It is available for young persons between the ages of 18 to 35, from about 36 eligible countries. Qualified applicants will have to register a profile in the pool as a sign of interest.

IEC is divided into three streams:

  1. Working Holiday
  2. Young professionals
  3. International Co-op

1: Young Professionals

This category applies to individuals who either

  • Have employment that is vital to their career growth
  • Wish to work under the same employer in Canada, in the same province

Still, the job must come with a wage that is in line with the median wage level for that region.

Successful applicants will receive an employer-specific work visa. This implies that they can only work for the employer in the location that is stated in the permit.

Also, the job role should be under the NOC code. Specifically, skill type level 0, A, or B.

Any job position that falls under the C category must be supported with a certificate, degree, or post-secondary diploma. Moreover, translation of documents should be provided in either English or French.

2: Working Holiday

The beauty of this category is that successful applicants will get an open work permit. It implies that they can work for any employer in any province in Canada.

The open permit is for young individuals who:

  • Want to build a career with more than one employer
  • Work in different regions
  • Want to get more money to travel
  • Do not have current employment in Canada

Nevertheless, applicants who intend to work in the health industry will have to pass a medical test conducted by a certified physician.

3: International Co-op

The category was designed especially for young individuals looking for an internship in Canada. This category provides an employer-specific permit for successful applicants.

However, eligible candidates must either:

  • Be enrolled in a tertiary institution
  • Have an internship placement in Canada
  • Require the internship to complete their studies successfully
  • Be ready to work under the same employer in the same province

The applicant’s program of study must be directly related to the internship.

Aside from that, the employer must ensure that internship personnel is either paid or not paid. That will depend on the provisions in the labor law.

After International Experience Canada, What Next?

Since the IEC program issues temporary visas to applicants, those who wish to remain in Canada can apply for permanent residency.

One of the programs to achieve this is the Federal Express Entry. Through the FEE, Applicants can apply under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The CEC is a program for those who have lived or studied in Canada for at least one year.

Aside from that, young professionals who have gained some Canadian work experience can also apply under the Federal Skilled Trade or Federal Skilled Worker category.

All of these are possible pathways to becoming permanent residents of Canada.

Get to know more about the IEC program today, contact DM-Consultants. We remain the Noimmigration consultants in Bangalore. We provide excellent immigration solutions for individuals seeking to settle or migrate to Canada.

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