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Bridging Visa Australia: Different Visa categories & How to Apply

The bridging visa Australia is a document that permits you to legally remain in Australia while you apply for a different visa class.

Sometimes, these bridging visas can be used to reside legally, while you have a pending case at the Administrative Appeal Tribunal.

Bridging visa remains valid except you to travel out of Australia within that period. The only time you can exit within the period is if you have a B-class bridging Visa.

Types and Provisions of the bridging Visa Australia

  1. A-Class Bridging Visa (BVA)

You will receive this visa type if you have an existing Australia visa but wants to switch to a different temporary visa subclass. The visa grants you legal status in Australia while your application is in progress.

A-class bridging visa does not permit any travel provisions. The moment you exit Australia, you cannot enter using the A-bridging visa.

Once your current temporary visa expires and you fail to apply for a BVA, then you become an illegal immigrant.

The BVA does not provide any provision to work in Australia. If you must work within this period, then it’s advisable to apply for the BVB.

However, this can only occur under the circumstance of financial hardship.

Nevertheless, those on existing employer-sponsored visa might be allowed to work. Also, if you have an existing application for an onshore partner visa, then you might be given a work permit.

  1. B-Class Bridging Visa Australia (BVB)

B-class bridging visa acts as a complimentary permit to that of the A-class. That is, you have to obtain a B-class to travel out of Australia without canceling your BVA.

However, BVB is only valid for three months. So, you have to return to the country before it expires.

  1. C-Class Bridging visa

Apply for the C bridging visa if you reside illegally in Australia, but have an ongoing temporary visa application.

This mostly occurs when you stay in Australia beyond your visa expiry date without renewal.

With BVC, you can travel out of Australia. As a result, you cannot re-enter Australia with this visa once you leave.

Similarly, BVC holders cannot obtain BVB.

Generally, you cannot work with bridging visa C., But then, if your ongoing visa application falls under the 189, 188, 190, 186 classes, you might be eligible to work.

  1. D-Class Bridging Visa

A D-class bridging visa is quite similar to the C-Class. The difference is that you obtain BVD when your temporary visa has expired without renewal.

However, BVD remains valid for just 5 days. It neither permits you to work nor travel.

  1. E-Class Bridging Visa

The bridging visa E permits you to legally reside in Australia once your existing temporary visa expires. The visa loses validity the moment you leave the country.

You have to either reapply or exit Australia within that period. Sometimes, it can be used to work. This will depend on the decision of the visa officer.

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