Canada Immigration Bangalore: Sponsoring a Spouse to become a permanent resident

The immigration program through which you can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner to Canada is the Family class visa.

Interestingly, the Canadian government processes this type of application very fast. Perhaps, it is due to the government’s commitment to uniting families together.

The Family class visa is divided into various categories. Among them is the ‘spouse sponsorship category.’

The Spouse Sponsorship Visa Category

This applies to sponsors who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Thus, it is specific to individuals who want to sponsor a spouse or legal partner to become a permanent resident in Canada.

To proceed with this application, the sponsor and the beneficiary need to get approval from the IRCC. The sponsored beneficiary will receive a visa, only when the IRCC approves the request.

The application occurs in two stages;

  1. The sponsor (citizen or permanent resident) will indicate interest to sponsor the partner to Canada under the spouse visa category
  2. The sponsored partner will apply for permanent residency in Canada through the IRCC

To achieve this, the sponsor must provide evidence to prove the marital relationship in the form of a spouse, common law, or conjugal partner.

Aside from that, both parties will also have to fulfill other eligibility criteria.

Two types of Spouse Sponsorship for permanent residence in Canada

The two primary methods through which an individual can apply to sponsor a spouse to become a permanent resident in Canada are:

  • Inland Sponsorship
  • Outland Sponsorship


  • Inland Sponsorship

Simply put, inland sponsorship refers to the process of sponsoring a spouse who is already a legal resident of Canada. In essence, the sponsored spouse is already living in Canada as a temporary resident.

The person might be working, studying, or visiting Canada at the time of the sponsorship. Nevertheless, the sponsored individual can also apply for an open work permit.

This allows him or her to work with any employer while the spouse sponsorship visa is being processed.

It is not allowed to sponsor a spouse or common-law partner who is residing in Canada illegally. The consequences are grave.

  • Outland Sponsorship

Summarily, outland sponsorship refers to applications that are processed for a spouse or legal partner living outside Canada.

In such a situation, the sponsor will apply to the Canadian visa office or embassy of the spouse’s country of residence.

However, there are cases where sponsors apply through the outland sponsorship for partners already in Canada. Intending sponsors can seek the assistance of professional immigration consultants in Bangalore  or in the country of residence where they wish to make the application.

In that case, the beneficiary may travel in and out of the country during the application.

Processing time?

Generally, it takes about 12 months to process the PR visa under the spouse sponsorship category.

Finally, the sponsor will agree to cater for the spouse’s or partner’s financial responsibility. That will be within the first three years of becoming a permanent resident.

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