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DM-Consultant is a team of certified immigration consultants in Chennai who specializes in providing professional consultancy services and representation.

Our story.

DM-Consultant is a team of certified immigration consultants in Chennai who specializes in providing professional consultancy services and representation. We are experts at offering visa consultancy solutions. These include skilled-work visas (PR), oversea study & student visa, visit visas, investor visas, and resettlement programs. Through these services, we assist intending immigrants to migrate to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Europe & Caribbean states. We always deliver excellence and are known for transparency in the industry. In line with these standards, DM-Consultants has one of the best sets of immigration consultants in Chennai. Our mission is to provide a clear and understandable pathway through which all residents of Chennai can achieve their goals of migration.

The company is established to redefine the concept of Immigration in India environment

The founders and managing partners of DM-consultants Mr. & Mrs. Kumbhar are Canadian Permanent residents, also they are perusing Certified Immigration Consultants course from Herzing, Toronto in order to serve you all immigration aspirants in the best way possible as well as to help you achieve your immigration goals and turn your dreams into reality .The company have a set of competent operations team at every branch office who have an overwhelming track record of success in Immigration processing.

Similarly, our young professionals are working assiduously to ensure that our clients get the best services they crave for by keeping up with the latest update in the immigration policies and laws of the respective countries. Through transparent, ethical and a sound knowledge of the immigration laws and policies which guide each country of destination. Through this, we can provide Immigration solutions to individuals in the India who are willing to immigrate to other countries for work, visit, study, permanent residency, or citizenship.

Why choose DM ?

DM-Consultants parade unarguably the best set of proficient, vibrant and experienced Immigration consultants who are passionate in ensuring the successful processing of our clients’ needs. We operate based on the value of ethics, Transparency, Proficiency, and a one-point contact for all our operations. We also have a set of certified legal advisers registered with the statutory agencies in all the countries where we operate.

Through This, DM-Consultants Have Been Able To Establish A Renowned Presence In The Middle East & India Because Of Our High Success Rate And Over Exceeded Client Satisfaction Which Can Be Justified From Our Google Reviews.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh Matta is Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC # R415351). He is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and carries extensive experience in the field of Immigration, family sponsorship and a legacy of delivering excellence. Highly knowledgeable on Immigration policies, procedures with in-depth understanding of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations. Motivated strategist on immigration context with different types of cases.


Riccardo James Patrick Ippoliti (Migration Agent Registration Number: 1386990) is an Australian-based immigration legal practitioner and DM-Consultant’s representing agent at the MARA level. His expertise has been very beneficial in ensuring proper representation of our client’s profile as well as helping to resolve challenges with individual applications.

Why Use A Registered/Licensed Migration Agent

Registered migration agents are bound by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct with high levels of knowledge of migration law and procedures. They are professionals and are bounded also by ethical rules. A registered migration agent can provide you with information and advice regarding immigration matters.

  • Maximize your chances of visa approval
  • Receive professional advice on all migration matters
  • Minimize the errors and delays by incomplete applications
  • Reduce risk on your application
  • Assuring your matters are constantly regulated by the immigration authorities of countries
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