UK Citizenship – Concept on How to Become a UK Citizen

You must fulfill when you want to apply to become a UK citizen. To obtain a UK citizenship, you need to satisfy all the requirements that have been laid down by the British citizenship act. Once you have a UK passport, you are entitled to perform the fundamental duties of a citizen together with free access to live, study, and do business in the UK and other European countries.

How to get UK citizenship?

There are two ways to get a UK citizenship

1- UK citizenship by birth

UK citizenship by birth is for individuals who are given birth to in the UK either by both UK parents or by a single UK parent who has fulfilled other requirements.

2- By naturalization

Naturalization is a process every foreign citizen must pass through to attain a UK citizenship. There are three significant ways you can achieve citizenship by Naturalization. The first which is by residency – this means that you must have been living in the UK for a minimum of five years and have permanent residency status. Aside from this, you must be able to communicate fluently in English or Welsh, display good conduct during your stay, obedience to the UK immigration laws, and a good score in the UK assessment test.

Secondly is by marriage – here your spouse who wants to apply must have been living in the UK for a minimum of three years together with a permanent residency status as at the time of appli cation.

Lastly is through the UK citizenship by investment program – residency and citizenship by investment program is a faster means to obtain UK citizenship.  The program is in three tiers with each tier having its own amount of investment and the number of years investors must have lived in the UK before he can be granted UK citizenship by investment. However, the UK investor visa gives you an opportunity to apply for UK citizenship in Dubai. Although as an investor, you have to fulfill other requirements such as minimum residency.

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