Things You Need to Know about Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program in Canada

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is put PEI is one of the popular programs on the Canadian Immigration list. More than 1,359 interprovincial immigrants came to PEI during the third quarter of 2021 alone. And you can be the next person on the list to live in Canada with this program. Prince Edward Island in Canada offers the residents an opportunity to live in the most mesmerizing natural habitats and stunning views with state-of-the-art security and safety. This is the smallest province in Canada hence less populated but culturally rich. The residents here experience a close-knit, family-like community. So if all of this sounds like a dream place for you to live, then this article is for you.

Here are some amazing things you should know about the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program:

Benefits of Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program

1- You Can Apply From Inside & Outside the Country

Yes, you have the freedom to apply for PEI PNP as a skilled worker from anywhere, inside or outside Canada.

The skilled worker in Prince Edward Island Stream allows PEI employers to fill skilled positions that the Canadian citizens cannot work on. If a PEI employer currently employs you, you can apply for a PR.

The Skilled Worker Outside Canada Stream allows the individual to apply for the nomination of Canadian PR from outside the country. But you need job offers from Prince Edward Island employers to qualify for a PR application.

2- Apply Through PEI PNP via Express Entry Profile

The Prince Island Express Entry Stream facilitates invitations for foreign workers with the required skills to fill the highly demanded jobs in the province. All the successful candidates will get ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residency in Canada.

3- Easiest Application Process

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is among the simplest and easiest ones to apply for. Everything from requirements to application and documentation is easier. As Express Entry Program supports it, you can enjoy a fast-tracking visa processing time of as few as six months.

4- No Requirement of Tertiary Qualifications

Another reason for the popularity of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is that it does not require any tertiary qualification. This is unlike other programs with complex demands, including the Business Star-up and Entrepreneurship and the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program.

5- Job Offer is Not Mandatory

Not all programs in Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program demand job offers; there are several other options to pursue. These include programs like:

  • Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream
  • Business Start-Up and Entrepreneurship

If you wish to know more about these programs, you can reach us now as our experts will guide you about the eligibility and application requirement and other relevant information.

Programs Offered under Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)

The PEI facilitates the workers with the opportunity to live and work in Canada and contribute to the Province’s economy by filling in high demanded occupations. The PEI PNP is divided into three main categories that are explained below:

  • PEI PNP Express Entry

    It is designed for individuals with valid Express Entry profiles and has skills demanded in the Province’s labor market.

  • Labor Impact Category

    It is focused on the international graduates and skilled workers with experience and skills required in the Province. These individuals can get hired for current in-demand jobs in the Province. This category contains the following three streams:

    • Skilled Worker Stream;
    • Critical Worker Stream;
    • International Graduate Stream
  • The Business Impact Category

    This category is for individuals who wish to invest in a business in the Province. Successful candidates will get a work permit before their provincial nomination. It allows them to live in the PEI and study the market they plan to invest in.

Canadian Immigration Streams under PEI PNP

All the categories mentioned above have a total of seven Canadian Immigration Streams. An overview of all these streams is given below. But for a detailed idea about each of these, you will need a one-to-one call or meeting with the professionals at DM Consultants in India. These expert Canadian Immigration Consultants in India will guide you and explain the process according to your case. They will also brief and suggest the most appropriate stream to increase the success rate of your application.

Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream

The Express Entry System of Canada allows the PEI to invite skilled foreign workers for the Provincial Nominee Program. The focus of the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program is to hire international talent to fill in the high-demanded jobs and fulfil the requirements of labor in the province. Successful candidates get an ITA (Invitation to Apply) for permanent residency in Canada.

Prince Edward Island Critical Workers Stream

This stream allows the employers in the PEI to fill low-skilled positions that the Canadians cannot fill. You can also apply for the stream if you already work in the province.

Note: It does not apply to trucking sector employees who must be recruited from any other province.

Skilled Worker in Prince Edward Island Stream

You can apply for Canadian PR via Skilled Worker in PEI Stream. But for that, you need to be employed by a PEI employer. The Skilled Worker Stream allows PEI employers to hire high-skilled positions they cannot fill with local talent. However, to get employed, you need work experience with other eligibility requirements. It takes an average of 18 months to get approval or rejection of your application.

Skilled Workers Outside Canada Stream

You can apply for Canadian PR through Skilled Worker Outside Canada Stream. You will need a job offer from a Prince Edward Island employer. Just like Skilled Worker Stream, this stream also allows the employers in the PEI province to fill highly-skilled positions that Local citizens do not fill.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

It is also known as the Atlantic Immigration Program, which is directed at skilled and semi-skilled workers interested in moving to any of the four Atlantic provinces. This pilot contains three programs:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program – This is for international graduates who have recently passed from a Prince Edward Island Institute.
  • Atlantic High Skilled Program – This program is for skilled professionals with a minimum of one year of experience. The individual must also have an accredited foreign degree or diploma.
  • Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program – This program is for semi-skilled workers with at least one year of experience. They must also have the equivalent of a Canadian high school diploma and industry-specific training.

International Graduate Stream

One can apply for the nomination of Permanent Residency in Canada via IGS. However, you need to be a graduate from a public PEI tertiary institution. This stream also allows PEI employers to fill positions with skilled foreign workers.

Business Start-Up and Entrepreneurship

This program is ideal for individuals willing to invest and run businesses in the Canadian market. It allows foreign nationals with business ownership or proven material experience to move to PEI, start their business, and become permanent residents.

You should start the application process now if you are looking for immigration to Canada via Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Program. However, you will need professional assistance from a reliable Canadian Consultant in India to find out which program meets your needs the best. You can consult the experts at DM Consultants to answer all your questions and start a hassle-free application process for a Permanent Residency in Canada.

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