All About Choosing a Reliable Canadian Immigration Consultancy in India

Of course, there are several ways to start your Canadian Immigration Application in India. But perhaps, the most important step is finding the right program and deciding which Canadian immigration program is best for your plans.

So the question is, being naive, how can you find the right option for you?

There are only two ways to find the right program and proceed with your application process. You can either go to a government website or read about more than 100 immigration programs and visas to find out which one best meets your needs. Or you can simply reach a firm that deals in Canada Immigration Consultancy in India. There you will find professionals who are well versed in different types of visas and will provide you with all the information relevant to your specific case only. They will also walk you through the immigration process to Canada.

Unfortunately, too many opportunistic scam artists are in the market these days. These are unprofessional, uneducated individuals with no technical experience in the immigration process. Regrettably, it is near impossible to identify these scammers, and most people lose their precious time and resources in the hands of these entities. In this article, we aim to share some tips with individuals planning to try their luck in Canada or any other country. Here we will share a checklist to find a reliable Canada Immigration Consultant in India.

These tips can help you find the best immigration consultant in Canada.

Finding the Best Immigration Consultant in India

The bottom line is that a professional and genuine Canada Immigration Consultant in India is open to discussion. They are transparent and offer complete exposure to the applicant from day one. It is also important to look for a consultancy firm dealing with multiple visa types. Let’s say student visa, skilled worker visa, work permit, radiance visa, Canadian citizenship, etc. Still, before going with an immigration consultant in India, keep the following points in mind.

Credentials & Certifications

Every authentic immigration consultant in India will have valid certifications and credentials to offer you immigration services. You must know about these documents before choosing a service provider.

For Canada, the service provider must be certified by ICCRC (Canadian Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). The one with this certification is eligible to offer you all the required information about any type of visa in Canada. They are also assigned entities to deal with your application process and forward it to the Canadian Government. DM Consultants are one such immigration professionals in India. They offer round-the-clock services with the right professional visa consultancy at an affordable price. DM Consultants are among India’s most reliable Canadian Immigration Consultants that can help you with various visas.

Reference from Clients

What they say is to test the waters before jumping in it. So, if you have made up your mind about any consultant, ask them about their previous clients. A professional service provider must have a list of satisfied clients. And when the consultant name such successful clients, do not hesitate to ask for contact details. You can reach those clients for proof of service and ask about their experience with the consultant.

Remember that choosing a consultant greatly impacts your immigration plans and process. Therefore it is important to perform a thorough check and do detailed research before handing your documents to any Canada Immigration Consultant in India.

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews matters today. They are a reliable means to evaluate the quality of service in any market sector. So when searching for a consultant in India, never skip this step. You can go to the online social media profiles of the consultant to know their performance. Also, refer to the Google reviews and read them carefully to know about the company’s performance and success rate. Read carefully what the consumers have to say about the consultants on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or more. Read critically and check if you see any red flags of any shady practice they do, don’t forget that you can be the next victim of it.

Reputation of Consultancy Firm in India

The history and reputation of the immigration consultancy are as important as the current performance. Go through their online forums to find out if anything is worrying about the firm. Check client base and analyze if they are genuine clients. It will help you improve your satisfaction with the firm.

Validity of the Consultancy Firm

Remember that a firm that can provide you with references from the previous client is surely legitimate.

DM Consultants are leading immigration consultants in India with years of experience and a track record of helping individuals with immigration to popular destinations around the globe. They offer many immigration services, including skilled visas, business visas, PR, and more. We are a reliable immigration consultancy firm in India as we have many happy clients.

Industry Experience

As a client, you have the right to inquire your immigration consultant about the requirements, legalities, application timeline, cost, documentation, etc. Remember you should have all this information before proceeding further with the application. Moreover, you should be clear about all the requirements, upcoming charges, or other variations you might face during the process.

Luckily, experienced entities like DM Consultants have never faced such issues. The reason is that the team consists of highly skilled, reliable, and professional individuals with years of experience. So reach us now if you want to enjoy a hassle-free immigration process.

Security is Important

We cannot insist enough on the importance of trust in your consultant. Before anything else, you ought most to trust the skills and experience of your consultant. You should be able to trust their instincts ad advice. And for that, before committing, ensure that the consultant can operate in an environment where your confidentiality is valued. In this regard, you can ask questions about their operating procedures. And after that, if you feel that this entity is reliable, they should provide you with a reference of their experience.

We are DM Consultants, and being the best Canada Immigration in India, we make sure that the clients never have to worry about transparency or security. We don’t want them to feel stuck or in the dark. And therefore, we pay attention to clients’ privacy policies and make sure the data and documents are secure.

Are you planning to migrate to Canada but have little or no knowledge about Canada’s CRS Score and application process? Reach us now to educate you about the process and ensure you do not miss any part of your Canada immigration before applying.

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